The Surprising Places Hidden Toxins Lie, with Dr. David Root, Daniel Root & Anne-Marie Principe

Dr Daniel Amen and Tana Amen BSN RN On The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast

Toxic exposure is everywhere in our lives, and most of us have no idea. However, by both being aware of the toxins enough to avoid them, and by taking the time to periodically detoxify your body, you can make a drastic improvement in your health and longevity. In this last episode of a series with Dr. David Root, Daniel Root & Anne-Marie Principe, they and the Amens discuss which toxins you should be on the lookout for.

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Dr Daniel Amen: Welcome to the Brain Warrior's Way Podcast. I'm Dr. Daniel Amen.
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Dr Daniel Amen: Well, welcome back. We are here with Dr. David Root and Anne-Marie Principe. Daniel Root, the author of Sauna Detoxification Using Niacin, which you can get on Amazon. This is just such an important issue.
Tana Amen: Yeah. What I love about it is we're getting back to basics, if you will. You're not going under a knife. I mean, we're sort of taking people back to a more natural approach to detoxifying themselves. You've got to do it with supervision, but it's not a toxic way to heal yourself.
Dr Daniel Amen: Well, and I have three simple principles when I think of any of the 11 risk factors. So, one, you have to love your blood vessels. So, that's for B is for blood flow. You need to love your detoxification systems because if they don't work right, you basically become poisoned. So, you have to love it and then you need to avoid, if you can, I mean obviously Anne-Marie couldn't. But if you can avoid pesticides and antibiotics and chemotherapy and radiation when possible. So, care, avoid, and then do things that help it. And we often say, drink more water to flush toxins through your kidneys. Eat more fiber to flush them through your gut. Saunas because they can help you get them through your sweat gland activity. And then brassicas, which are detoxifying vegetables and kill the alcohol because alcohol is toxic to your brain and also to your liver.
Tana Amen: One thing I wanted to point out about what Anne-Marie said, which was just a principle that we talk about a lot. She had reserve. Thank God she had reserve. Because ...
Dr Daniel Amen: The only reason she survived was because of what her parents, the environment her parents put her in.
Tana Amen: That she did as well as she did. Right, because she went into it being pretty healthy. So, she probably did better than some people which set her up to be able to go through your program to begin with. She may not have survived it.
Dr Daniel Amen: Well, and I think almost all firefighters should be in this program because what I've seen [crosstalk 00:03:12] virtually all of the firefighters that come to see us have toxic looking brains. It's horrifying because they are our heroes in our society. We desperately need them, but no one's really looking at or caring for their brain. So Anne-Marie, maybe that's something we can talk about. About how to support them and even, I wanted to do a study on firefighter brains and you know, this program should be part of rehabilitating them.
Anne-Marie Principe: It definitely should be. Yesterday, I was with part of our team, part of our world trade family as I call them, and many of the firefighters now do believe that they are toxically impacted all of the time. Certainly 9/11 was a cataclysmic event, completely and totally different. But they go into buildings where there are warehouses with chemicals and asbestos and they're constantly breathing it in and sometimes they have to remove their mass. So it doesn't always protect them or it gets under their skin. My fascination with this was the difference in my health and my peers' health, I can see the difference 19 years later. And so it's my mission to see that many people can go through these treatments, which is why I work with John Warden at No Vet Alone.
Tana Amen: I like that.
Anne-Marie Principe: We're putting together all of these treat ... Together so that people can live healthier lives. But more importantly, that they can live. I have many colleagues that cannot function, that are prisoners in their home because they can't read well or they have terrible nerve damage. And certainly I've experienced all those things that 9/11 survivors go through, all those illnesses and horrible diseases. But I seem to bounce back better than the others do. And my doctors continuously say to me, and sadly I have a lot of doctors. But they all say to me, "Whatever it is you're doing, you keep on doing that because you're doing better than our other patients." And so my question to them has been, if you see this and you know my medical history and you, in your professional opinion are saying to yourself, wow, look at that. Look at her go, why won't you do that for your other patients? I need for doctors to understand that ...
Dr Daniel Amen: Because it's not part of their training. It's not part of their tradition.
Anne-Marie Principe: No, it's not.
Dr Daniel Amen: And we need more people like you.
Tana Amen: Nutrition isn't even part of their training.
Dr Daniel Amen: We need more people like you. David, I'm sorry. Go ahead, Anne-Marie.
Anne-Marie Principe: That was why I chose my oncologist. I literally researched her and found this woman who believed that diet, exercise, your health were critical to your care. And in fact she only takes patients who will follow that discipline because she believes it's so important to your care.
Tana Amen: Because she's a functional physician. Yeah.
Anne-Marie Principe: Yes.
Dr Daniel Amen: Well, it's also she's going to have more success, which makes her happy. The best doctors actually carry the most treatment resistant patients because everybody else has given up on them.
Tana Amen: Because everyone wants to go, right.
Dr Daniel Amen: David, what are the professions you've seen that put people at a very high risk for toxic exposure?
Dr David Root: Well, any profession where they're exposed to chemicals. Most of the companies that I've worked with as a occupational medicine specialist take great pride in trying to limit the exposure to the chemicals to which their people might be exposed, but they can't totally do it. The military is particularly at risk. Of course, there's a lot of information now about the burn pits from Iraq, Afghanistan. Many of the men and women who've been assigned to those areas have had significant problems just from being around the burn pits, which are highly toxic. I have been involved in several exposures around the world. I went to Slovenia, the old Yugoslavia, back in 1987 on a significant exposure. Most of the chemical exposures that I saw were related to companies that had not solved the problems of exposure, but they're working very heavily on it.
Dr David Root: I'd like to throw out one other point though before we end. Your point about we're all being chemically exposed as an example, the birth control pills which are commonly used in this country and around the world, both the pills that get thrown away and the urine from the ladies using it go into the treatment, the waste treatment plants. But they're designed to take care of biologic waste, not chemical waste. So much of that material does not get detoxified and those chemicals go out into the water and are picked up and not necessarily cleansed. So we're seeing lots of exposures of that sort. And the one area that doesn't get talked about much, the young folks that are trying to have children. I would strongly recommend that both the men and the women who are planning babies consider going through at least a two week detoxification using the sauna program to cleanse their bodies through an extent which can perhaps keep away or protect them from their children having problems that are passed through the fetal period. I think it's very important to consider that.
Tana Amen: Super interesting. [crosstalk 00:00:09:37].
Dr Daniel Amen: Unfortunately we're going to have to stop. Wow. It's just been so interesting. Daniel's book and David's book, Sauna Detoxification Using Niacin. Is the website the right place for people to learn more about your work?
Daniel Root: That's the website. Yes, and they can also look up the name of our book on Facebook. We do have a group that we recommend people join, Get Detoxinated is also our business page on Facebook. So we have a big presence on that social media. But is the website with a lot of the information.
Dr Daniel Amen: Great. And Anne-Marie, I know you're an activist. Is there a way people could connect with you in your work?
Anne-Marie Principe: Absolutely. They can find me on Twitter at AMPrincipe or they can find me on Facebook at Anne-Marie Principe and I will be working with the Roots and yourself to get good health back to the people I love. One of them being Dr. David Root who gave me back my life.
Dr David Root: Bless your heart.
Dr Daniel Amen: It has been such a joy to spend this hour with you. I know our tribe is going to appreciate this a lot. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.
Tana Amen: Yes thank you. Thank all of you.
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