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Podcast Reviews

  • Amazing
    by vanessay692 from Canada

    The amount of information this podcast offers has been life changing. I love listening to Dr.Amen. I have taken many of his tips of cutting out sugar and alcohol. I wish they would still make podcast, as it is convenient to listen while at work. It can be frustrating when Dr.Amen is trying to share his in knowledge and is anxiously cut off by Tana. Maybe doing episodes separate might be better for the listeners. I love you both, but sometimes I'd really like to hear Dr.Amen finish his thoughts, as they are so helpful.

  • Thank you
    by IrelandLindsay from Canada

    So happy to have found the podcast. Have been a fan of Dr. Amen for over four years since I read his Book “Change Your Brain Change Your Life.” I watch your clips on social media. And now that I am a student at IIN, I am so excited to see Dr. Amen as a Lecturer!! All of his content is helpful. Thank you for your work. I would love an opportunity to have a brain scan! I have called the Amen clinics and the closest clinic to me is in New York! I plan on getting a scan within the next year! Can’t wait!! Thank you again for doing your very good work! -Lindsay Ireland

    by AmandaJacquelineHernandez from United States

    I’m a patient at the Amen Clinic. I’ve had two full spect scans done in different years, and I am currently healing trauma from the loss of a parent, my childhood, and was just in a serious car accident. Hearing about Tana and Daniel talk about healing Trauma and how to turn pain into purpose is so helpful to hear as I continue my healing journey through the Amen Clinics. Tana talks about her healing journey and it is so relevant to how I feel!! Amazing story, healing happens one day at a time. Thank you for sharing your stories to help others see there’s a way to heal and take back control.

  • Love the timing
    by gi. from United States

    I love that these podcast average 15 minutes. I listen to podcast all the time, but an hour lecture every time can be a bit much. Even thought I may listen to 3 or 4 episodes at a time, if I don't have an hour, I can still listen to an episode or two. Thank you for thinking that though...

  • Happy Warrior
    by Highdrama from United States

    This show has helped ground me in what matters! Articulating my purpose has helped me focus & set goal…and I love goals. Cheers to thriving!

  • Great content, audio could be better
    by Skriddles from United States

    I LOVE the content of this show but I mainly listen to podcasts during my commute in an older car with below average speakers and the sound quality is not good enough to come through well that way. I’d listen a lot more often if they’d improve that aspect.

  • Very kind and honest doctor
    by zfshzfsh from United States

    Just one thing, the music every serious. I hope you can change it! The title of your podcast it is called warriors but the content of the podcast doesn’t seems.

  • New Listener
    by Maminator3 from United States

    I love this show! I feel like I’m sitting in your living room with you while you’re having a discussion. The language that you use, the relatability, the love and respect for each other is evident in all of your interactions. The topics that you discuss are always insightful, enlightening and provide useful information for me to apply to my every day life. A few quick suggestions if I may… When you mention a date, can you also mention the year? When listening to historical podcasts it’s very difficult to figure out the year to which you are referring. Also, I have hearing and word processing issues and when three people are talking at the same time I have a very difficult time following a conversation. Not sure what can be done about that particularly when everyone is excited about the topic being discussed but thought I would mention it nonetheless. Many thanks!

  • I am now happy, YOU be happy too 🙂
    by Liveinwellness from United States

    I have been reading DR Amens new boonk YOU happier. I am grateful for the book and information. As a health care practitioner myself, I have learned new information that is essential during these difficult worldly events. The information in the book has never been presented in my pathophysiology courses not neurology courses. I am thrilled with these new found knowledge that is applicable immediately. I am loving it and so are my patients.

  • One Year, No Beer
    by jgharete from United States

    I enjoyed listening to this podcast. Reframing refraining to position it as a challenge was intriguing, not only in how it was a simple tactic to increase self-motivation for habit change, but also in the amazing way challenges intrinsically galvanize social support. Thank you for the work you are doing and the messages you use this platform to share. #freervaluation #AmenClinics

  • So much value in so little time!
    by emmsimmons from Canada

    I’m so grateful for this podcast! Daniel and Tana have such valuable information that applies to everyone. I love that episodes how each episode is specific and concise - seriously, I can never believe how much I learn from each 10-20 minute episode! Highly recommend checking out his books as well 🙂

  • Miss hearing new podcast!
    by suzukiviola from United States

    I have been following Dr. Amen and Tana for years! Have learned so much from the both of them. I have gone through my share of issues in life from both external and internale pressures. Without the podcast books etc… not sure if I would still be here. Hope to hear them back on line!!! Much Love, John

  • Life Changing
    by AALpurple from United States

    Thank you!!! Dr. Amen and Tana Amen’s podcast “The Brain Warrior’s Way” has changed my life for the better. One of my doctors recommended the book “Healing ADD” and it has lead me to start this journey to better myself. I did research looking through Dr. Amen and Tana Amen’s works and my physician was so impressed it lead her to do research through Dr. Amen’s work. I have spent the last several years in college struggling and not knowing I could change to get out of my struggles. Although it is a struggle to follow the plan to a ‘T’ because I live in a dorm so my kitchen is a microwave and mini-fridge. I have started to eat healthier with my limited options of campus food and I’m already starting to get better. I can’t wait until I am able to completely change my life and be a Brain Warrior! I recommend Dr. Amen’s work to everyone I know, hoping another life or two will change for the better.

  • Best Podcast for you and your loved ones!!!
    by Sabs7 from United States

    Educational and to the point! I love Dr Amen and his clinic! They have really shed the light on the truth in the medical field and heal their patients instead of giving them a death sentence like most doctors. With Amen, there is hope and a brighter future. You will not be disappointed.

  • Awesome Podcast!!!
    by roweereyes from Philippines

    Dr. Daniel & Tana, hosts of The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast, highlights all health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

  • Empowering with the knowledge!
    by dlnova from United States

    Thank you! As a mother of twins with autism I always try to learn how to help my little boys. And every bit of information helps me to figure out our autism puzzle. Thank you for empowering and teaching us the ways!

  • Great information for healthcare practitioners
    by AcuMag from United States

    This is my first time listening to Dr. Amen’s podcast. As a healthcare practitioner, I really enjoyed the information that was discussed between Dr. Amen and his guests. I look forward to listening to future episodes hoping to find more information that would help all practitioners learn about new developments and resources (including books, programs, etc.) in the mental health field. As we all know, mental and physical health are intertwined.

  • A much to listen to it
    by John V Navarra from United States

    I’ve read several of Dr. Amen’s books these podcast go along with them in a great way. I listen to the podcast while I drive they are extremely informative easy to understand and I can’t wait till I can hear the next one.The interactions between Dr. Amen and Tana are very pertinent and comical. Not only is the podcast outstanding the guests they have on are as well. I startedListening about a month ago but I reversed the sort to oldest first. I highly recommend you subscribe to this podcast

  • Grateful for your fight response
    by CagleTJ from United States

    So many in the medical field have dismissed some of us who are suffering with ongoing concussive symptoms. Thank you Tana and Dr. Amen for being beacons in a stormy sea of judgment, inconsistent examination techniques and uneducated assumptions. I cannot fully express or convey in words how critical your fight has been for my continuous battle to recover from years of medical, social and mental health abuse that myself, and so many of us have had to endure. You have truly opened a pathway for millions to fully recover from the cycle of cruel and unsympathetic mental health experts. You are in my book Brain Health Legends. Thank you and your team for all you are doing.

  • Thank you SOOO MUCH! Listening vs Reading - HELPED ME
    by Monique Cannon from United States

    I am very grateful for both of you.. I only wish Dr Amen could have gone into type 3 OVERFOCUSED more without being interrupted I really needed the detailed information dr amen went into with the other types. Aside from that, I can’t get enough the connection you two share.. it’s amazing to listen to. You bring life to what we go through every day..

  • Empowering
    by Mr. Gantt from United States

    I Hope This Message Finds You Well & In Good Health. Firstly, I would like to say Thank You, To Dr. Amen & your beautiful wife Tana. Your teachings on this podcast, has been very useful in my everyday life. Helping me to better understand my conditions & to look further at what’s really going on. I’m so grateful for your daily inspiration of hope in my life as I continue to move forward. I respect & love all of your work. It’s my life long dream to be able to afford your brain spect imagining services one day because I believe your clinics have the proper systems & tools that will transform people. Thank You Again! I appreciate you guys, Stay Blessed.

  • Great resource
    by bubiejoy from United States

    I’ve been following the Amens for several years, first learning about them through their PBS specials. The podcasts are great, short and to the point. Now I’m using them to help me prepare for a class I’m going to teach on integrative health

  • Transcripts please!
    by Bren-da-E from United States

    I got here because I just listened to the episode on preventing alzheimers (I got the link from the Amen clinics weekly update email). But I couldn't take it all in and there were a couple of spots where I couldn't understand a word even after replaying multiple times. What specific diet are they referring to? Are they saying brain envy or something else? It would really help me if transcripts were provided so I could read and listen at the same time, and print out any that I want to refer to the advice later. If there's a way to see transcripts that I have missed, please let me know how to get them! p.s. I did the brain scans at Amen clinic. I highly recommend doing this.

  • Awesome podcast!
    by EricaBushwell from United States

    Dr. Daniel & Tana, host of The Brain Warrior's Way podcast, highlights all aspects of mental health and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

  • Red Dye and naming my brain
    by DavidP526 from United States

    Hi Dr. Amen and Tana. I sincerely thank you for the great work you do helping so many. Your daily podcasts are part of my morning ritual. Thanks for your recent podcast about the dangers of red dye. I did not realize it is in so many foods and products. Also, You recently had a podcast about naming your brain and I decided to jokingly name mine “Beetlejuice” after the 1980s movie starring Michael Keaton. My Beetlejuice loves to pop in to scare off away good, positive thoughts and to create as much havoc as possible. Now giving this a name helps put things in their proper perspective. Thanks again and keep up the great work. David

  • Grateful
    by Kiki!!!!!lol from United States

    I am so grateful for your podcast! Thank you for caring about our mental,spiritual and physical health!!!

  • ADHD mindset
    by K L R * from United States

    I have learned so much about brains and how to help my students and my own children. As an educator for the past 15 years I’ve learned a lot but your advice and viewpoints are so helpful. I hope everyone finds your podcast and books to help their families. I hope to have my son visit a clinic some day so we can fully embrace your advice.

  • Life Changing Information!
    by Leanne_partyof5 from United States

    The Brain Warriors Way Podcast has been so pivotal in helping me to overcome life long bad habits. My story is similar to Tana’s and I appreciate her sharing not only her struggles, but her boldness to be the change in her family line. Dr. Amen is so knowledgeable, kind, and gentle. I love that they both work together in wanting to make a difference in others lives.

  • Great
    by Gabe-Guy from United States

    Enjoy your encouragement for health

  • Brilliant
    by Sara Tapps from Canada

    Found this podcast through a YouTube video only to realize Dr.Amen’s book Change your Brain, Change your Life literally changed my life about ten years ago. You guys are rockstars.

  • Your Brain is Always Listening
    by 2021laura from United States

    Just received your book via Andrew Lessman. Enjoying it immensely, starting my own workbook so that I can not only read it, but get the full benefit I expect you intended! Thank you both, Sincerely, Laura Morrison

  • So glad
    by angel.joe from United States

    I’m so thankful I found this podcast. I really wish I had the ability to go to one of the clinics. I’ve suffered so much with “mental illness” for as long as I can remember. Medication after medication after medication. Provider after provider. Suicidal ideation. Different diagnosis. I feel like I have no emotion being on medication. I look forward to listening to the entire series and reading your books, and hopefully finding a way out and finding me. Not sure if it will be possible to come off these medications or if I can find a good psychiatrist in my area, but now I have hope!

  • Concise and Captivating
    by MeganKearnwy from Canada

    I stumbled across Dr.Amen’s work about a year ago at the start of lock down, with his TED talk on the results of 83,000 SPECT brain scans, and it has sparked a journey unlike any other. I was diagnosed with PTSD roughly 15 years ago, with OCPD, ADD and later came the fibromyalgia label. From the initial findings of Dr.Amens work, to today, my life is completely different. I have completed a year of EMDR therapy, overhauled (most) of my dragons and lifestyle factors, and returned to school to complete my education in clinical psychology. It’s incredible what changes can be made from finding that spark of truth in another persons work. I had the privilege of attending his Zoom meeting for the preorder of “Your Brain is Always Listening”, and it reiterated the importance of this work, and the people who do it! We have so much more power than we think. Please check out these podcast segments! They are quick, captivating, and even addicting. Dr.Amen is a fountain of knowledge, and shares it in such a way that any person can comprehend and enjoy. Thank you for your work, and I look forward to contributing to the field in the coming years. - M.Kearney

  • So Thankful I found this!
    by PRC60 from United States

    I have been on a journey to discover “me”. What a blessing it is to find strategies for recognizing and dealing with the seven “dragons” in my life I have battled for years. I ordered your book, looking forward to its arrival!

  • Wonderful!
    by J&S Hillman from United States

    This podcast has been wonderful! I’ve only been listening for a short time, only because I just found it. But I fully intend to binge it! I’ve been struggling for years. Now I’m trying to find a way to make a scan happen for me! I’ve bought the cookbook and have just started reading Your Brain is Always Listening. I came across Tana and Daniel Amen listening to Robin McGraws I’ve got a secret. I’m trying the happy saffron now! I’m hoping with this and work on my part I can clear the 10+years of brain fog... as my grandmother would say, thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️

  • Mentor
    by delahozana from United States

    I really enjoy your podcast, which feels very short. It will be good to listen to each topic for more than 12 minutes. I wanted to have a mentor, but it is difficult for me to connect with someone never the less to get a mentor. Like Tana, I had a very difficult childhood and didn't have any role models growing up that would guide me through life. However, my decisions were bad and I took refuge in drugs and alcohol. Now, I find it difficult to connect with people and with my confidence in myself. I would love to treat this condition so that I can be a better mother. My self-destructive patterns are affecting my relationship with my children. I feel like they are drifting away too.

  • Best in the business
    by skootbot from United States

    I love and appreciate what Dr. Amen and Tana Amen do to help explain and offer help to all the issues dealing with the complicated aspects of mental health/illness. I love these podcasts, and always learn something new... and the playful interaction between these two is uplifting. Dr. Amens books were the only books I found that really helped me through a dark period, and I read many, desperatly trying to understand why I was feeling the way I did. .Ihave also found Dr. Amens supplements to be very helpful. I look forward to listening every weekend. Im looking forward to reading Tanas new book as her personal stories she tells in this podcast are very real. Thank you both for all you do. Barb....P.S. I love Cat Stevens too!

  • Very helpful
    by kjh1n2 from United States

    The podcasts are informative and helpful. It really makes one think about the importance of our brain health. My goal is to take my teen to an Amen Clinic. Thanks for putting out this content. It’s very helpful!

  • Thank you
    by Debbi~ from United States

    Thank you Dr Amen and Tana for sharing and delivering the messages you do. Not only do I subscribe to this podcast but I buy supplements from BrainMD, I am reading Tana’s new book and in the process of booking a spect scan for my adult daughter who is on the autism spectrum. We have seen some amazing changes in her since starting the pro brainbiotic, omega-3 and D-3. I know once we have the scan and follow up with Dr. Pake there May be changes in her supplements and some new ones. We look forward to see what Allison is fully capable of once her brain and body needs are met. I also enjoy the guests you have on your podcasts. So a big heartfelt thank you for all you do ❤️

  • Family.TherapistUNPLUGGED
    by QuinceyRose from United States

    This podcast has transformed not only me personally but also my outlook on my mental health and physical disability which has therefore revolutionized my practice as a family therapist. I've realized that I can help my people view their insecurities as a strength if I can actually view my own most crippling insecurity as a strength. I've had three traumatic brain injuries before the age of 19 which has lead to focus impairments as well as challenges walking. The Amen's approach to understanding the function of every change or difference in our brain and body is what started the process of viewing myself and the world differently.

  • Thank you
    by Pnkbling from United States

    I love listening to this podcast while I’m doing housework during the week and cleaning our janitorial accounts every weekend (I had to put it on pause this weekend to listen to Tana’s new book and enjoyed that as well). I find the content very helpful and insightful and have been very grateful for the information on killing the ANTS since I first learned that in a PBS special with Dr Amen years ago, so thank you both.

  • God bless u both
    by EMM3005 from United Kingdom

    Just listened to first chapter of ur new book Tana - hve to purchase . V powerful . GOD really does use you to help others - u hve helped me before get healthy . Let it all go but getting back on track . From Scotland

  • Favorite podcast.
    by Future RDH Rach from United States

    I’ve come to love Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen. They share a wealth of free knowledge in easy to listen to and to digest episodes. I love the sound of their voices, and I love their willingness to help me. Thank you. - Rachel Miller (20 years young)

  • Brain lover be aware
    by Anne-MaRoy from Canada

    For anyone who loves their brain and being a 100% energized on a daily basis. Just listen to it!

  • Taking Antidepressants for years and I want off
    by NatHook85 from United States

    The first time I was prescribed anti depressants was 12 years ago for the first time when my Father passed away from a long battle with addiction. I am now 35 and every DR I have seen suggests I keep taking them. (Wellbutrin and Celexa) I didn’t know that depression can come from head trauma either- I was in a terrible roll over car accident when I was 16 with no seatbelt on. My life flashed before my eyes and I knew that was it. Thankfully I survived and I only suffered head trauma. I had terrible PTSD after that but learned to cope with meditation. I have also battled addiction myself with adderall - I know now this is because it enabled me to feel something. I have been so numb and I never really realized it until after listening to your podcast. I am so scared to come off of my antidepressants but I want to so badly. I want to know who I am. I want to feel again. I have been off of adderall for 2 years but catch myself wanting that uplift of happiness that I just can’t get when on antidepressants and I can’t cry either. I’m scared my brain is permanently damaged.... is there a chance that my dopamine will regenerate itself? What natural remedies can I take to help this transition off of these meds? Also, what kind of dr should I go to to get off? I recently moved back to SC from CA because of COVID so I am trying to find a dr that doesn’t want to give me pills. (these docs are everywhere) are there drs that specialize in this? Sorry for the rambling post I am just so overwhelmed by all of this information. I really appreciate the hope that the two of you have given to me. Any advice is very much appreciated.

  • Thank you Dr. Amen and Tana!
    by Rebecca__Lynn3 from United States

    10 years ago, I was prescribed an SSRI and told doctors that it was making me worse to then have the dose increased!!! Repeat that process 5x... obviously a defeating process. I knew this wasn’t right and looked for books to be an advocate for myself- Dr. Amen’s books saved my life by destigmatizing depression and focusing on brain health. I couldn’t afford a scan but bought every book which helped me get a college degree after dropping out. Tana your stories give people who have had trauma permission to turn pain into passion. Your strength of character is inspiring and provides hope to heal childhood trauma. My sister and I are so excited for your book to be released and learn so much from both of you on the podcast. Thank you for the work that you do but more importantly daring to be different!

  • It’s a Family Affair
    by Megboh8913 from United States

    I heard about you through a friend who watched a social media creator and her husband get scans at your clinics and the husband sounded like me with the low grade depression. Since then I’ve been OBSESSED with this podcast (I’m also a psych nurse so the brain intrigues me anyways). It also might be the overfocused ADD I didn’t realize I might have lol. Between the podcasts and the healing ADD book, I understand my father, my nephew, my husband, and myself so much better! It’s bittersweet because maybe if I had known now what I knew years ago, perhaps me and my nephew could’ve had a better relationship. But I can do better for me and my husband from here on out. I’m already applying little things like the ANT killer that’s benefiting our relationship. Thank you very much for thinking outside the box with mental health. It’s very much needed. Hopefully we can get to your clinic one day.

  • Helps a School Counselor Think Outside the Box
    by eljemo from United States

    Helpful and thought provoking! As a school counselor I work with a lot of children and families and your podcast makes it possible for me to provide them with fresh ideas or approaches to the brain health challenges they face. It aligns with my whole person integrative philosophy and helps me stay current on the go. I really appreciate the work you do! Thank you!

  • A new look at life
    by DanielleMS19 from United States

    Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen have really opened up my eyes to my health. I have been struggling with my physical and mental health since I was a kid. This podcast keeps me interested. I love listening to it. There are so many great topics being discussed that make me want to learn more! I am interested in having my brain scanned to find out more about what I have been experiencing in hopes to get a better understanding why I feel and think the way that I do! I am excited for the future and I really hope that what Dr. Amen is doing spreads like wild fire and more people invest in their own brain health!

  • Sarah McClanahan
    by SarahMcClan from United States

    I’m currently a school counselor and I’m always looking for ways to help my kiddos and to make myself better. This podcast has truly opened my eyes to brain health and how to also help my family. I’m also reading one of his books! I’m so excited obsessed! From a counseling perspective I cannot believe I’m just now finding out about Dr. Amen! He’s the real deal!

  • Mom Brain
    by Jamie 4658 from United States

    I enjoy listening and learning. I’d love to hear your opinions about mom brain and how the brain changes after motherhood. As well any healthy tips on how to handle the stress and anxiety that motherhood may bring.

  • LOVE
    by Manjo2020 from United States

    I have been listening to your podcasts for almost 2 years now. We have a young family friend that was struggling with a possible brain injury and they were abusing drugs and alcohol for years. I asked the parents to please check out your facility in Bellevue. They did and their teenager had a brain scan and you guys were able to pinpoint the issue. Now this teenage child is a young adult and doing very well. I wish more people chose your facility for brain health. Thank you for so much for your AH-MAZING brain health info.

  • Love your work
    by Carrie0178 from United States

    I love your podcast and all the information you and the guest speakers you bring to us. I am learning so much, I am 60 and have been feeling the brain fog for a few years, so I am changing up my diet and supplements to continue to be the healthiest I can be for the rest of my life. I can’t thank you enough

  • Love your work
    by Kim A Budzinski from United States

    I listen to your podcast and have read your book. I love what you are doing with your treatments for people with mental illness. Once I read your book I did call for information on making an appointment. I’m hoping someday more doctors will be doing these test especially in ER. So often we bring people of all ages in during a crisis and basically they are talked to put on meds and sent to psych facilities. Your scans would help detect if there was more than meet the eye and they could at least be properly diagnosed. Maybe in the future the insurance company’s will help with the cost of these scans so everyone could at least be given a fair shot at improving they’re brain function. Thank you for all you do

  • A Wealth of Information to Move You Forward
    by NH-Susie-Knitter from United States

    I started listening to this podcast after listening to the Doctor’s Farmacy and Dr Amen was interviewed on that show. I am amazed at the wealth of information that is freely shared and practical tips to make changes to your routine to improve your life, the life of your child, or your entire family. How our diet is so important to the way we all think and feel. Thank you Dr Amen and Tana Amen for the positive stories of how others have improved after following your protocol. Grateful for finding this podcast for sure.

    by danethedancer from United States

    How do I become a SPECT technician?

  • Amazing
    by Rbomfim123 from Brazil

    I have no words to express how thankful I am for this life-changing podcast!

  • I LOVE this podcast
    by ShakibHikmat from United States

    I love this podcast! I can’t believe it’s been going on for as long as it has but I’m glad I know about it now because I have so many episodes to listen to! Why do I love it? Dr. Amen and Tana Amen cover very well the various aspects of how we can be taking care of our brains and bodies to live healthier, smarter, and up to our potential. I quit drinking in part because of hearing Dr. Amen and Tana on Jim Kwik’s podcast. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone and my second favorite part about it is that these episodes are so short and yet still full of knowledge (which is my favorite part)!

  • Podcast really helped today
    by judydp from United States

    I’ve been in trouble for a long time, and it’s hitting pretty hard now. I’m a teacher in Iowa and struggling with getting school started. I binge listened to your podcast. What a relief to hear all the ideas! I already do some of the things you recommend, and I’ll be looking into more of your ideas. Thanks!

  • Sleep podcast with Dr Creado
    by meandchunk from United States

    I have listened to many of your podcasts and found them fascinating and SO over all helpful however listening to the sleep podcast with Dr Creado was not helpful at all. I found myself very frustrated because you assume people who have struggled with sleep issues for years have not tried most of these things . Being someone who has struggled with sleep issues from all the things you have mentioned and have tried nearly all the things you suggest gave me no hope . It felt like platitudes . I will continue to listen , this will not keep me from it but would like it if you could create a supplement that can knock us the F#€K out. I did hear that you have created a supplement but how is if different than anything else you assume we haven’t taken ??? Frustrated in Texas

  • Learning to care for and support the brain
    by lnkd9 from United Kingdom

    The work of Amen Clinics, books and Podcast gas been part of defining my mission in life for caring about human health, and the wisdom is abundant and helpful. This motivated me to join the Brain Health Coaching Certification Course. I can’t be more grateful for Daniel and Tana Amen for doing this Podcast on top of everything else they do. Thank you!

  • Great work
    by progressforever from United States

    I am ADD and I think my son too. Your tips and tricks are so helpful to deal with our brains. I would love to give you 10 stars if I can. Thank you for everything

  • A Wonderful Podcast
    by Sally Scharff from United States

    I’m so happy I discovered your podcast. I have learned so much and I can’t wait to buy your book! I was amazed to learn that a concussion can lead to depression, and that you are not stuck with the brain that you have. Thank you for all the wonderful info and help.

  • Schools Reopening
    by Lauren in Atlanta from United States

    Hi - I’m a recent Brain Health Coach graduate. While studying the course I suffered a mTBI, so I’m now also a patient. I’m so grateful for you both. There were two things that were so helpful for me in this podcast. One was when you addressed grief. My family suffered a tragedy in May when my son’s best friend and roommate passed away unexpectedly. The second when you reinforced how serious this virus is. I see and hear so many people dismissing the seriousness of the virus. Lauren Towner

  • Stay Informed!
    by JessicaGray from United States

    You don't know what you don't know! I learn something new from every Brain Warrior podcast I listen to. The information is relevant and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend you stay tuned!

  • Great Information
    by davis oc from United States

    Dr. Amen was recommended by a local therapist. Great insight on how important brain health is. And what a difference proper nutrition makes. Even our 17 year old daughter listens on occasion!

  • What I learned today
    by sunnysunshinebj from United States

    Many pathways lead to ALZHEIMERS and there is now greater understanding and HOPE. Understanding I have more control and realise my preventative measures.

  • Amazing
    by Becca_Sok from United States

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    I have been listening the Brain Warrior’s Way podcast now for quite some time and have enjoyed and learned something in every episode. I was delighted with the recent episodes in Interactive Metronome. In 2007, my research with an autistic student helped me to earn my doctorate in occupational therapy. The student made measurable progress on standardized tests and in her handwriting legibility. Her anxiety also decreased. I have used this intervention with children with autism and ADHD, with adults with sensory processing disorders, and with a 95 year-old woman post-stroke. The elderly woman regained her ability to use both hands together to prepare simple meals. Her standing balance and tolerance improved from 2 minutes to more than 30 minutes. Her daughter reported that her mother seemed sharper after receiving IM and occupational therapy. After the intervention during my personal training period, I noticed that my typing speed, previously at 60 wpm, was considerably faster (though not clocked). I recommend the podcast to the teachers and families with whom I currently work. Keep the episodes coming!

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    I really appreciated your comments in a recent podcast in which you answered a question about adopting a child, and concerns about mental health issues history in the parents of the children. My mother was an alcoholic who committed suicide when I was 11. My father died when I was 6 so my two sisters and I were left orphans. I can't tell you how many times I've read or heard that children of parents who committed suicide are more likely to commit suicide. I actually once had a pastor ask me if I had ever tried to committ suicide, after I told him my mother had.. I was expecting to receive sympathy from him and maybe praise that I had survived such a difficult childhood, and yet all he could do is assume that I myself had been suicidal. I am incredibly proud of myself that I survived and thrived after such a bad childhood and am insulted when people assume that I have the same problems as my mother. (II think part of my mother's problem might have been that she was in a car accident when she was 24 and suffered a severe concussion.) My sisters and I are all now in our 60s and are doing well, none of us have ever tried to commit suicide, none of us are alcoholics. Of course I have had lots of therapy to help with PTSD, I go to support groups for children of alcoholics,all of which has been incredibly healing, but I think also my sisters and I are just incredibly resilient people and I think rather than being stigmatized because of our mother's mental health issues, we should be praised for having survived and thrived after having had such a difficult childhood! It was so wonderful to hear you, basically say the same thing in your podcast. It was so comforting to hear and I hope that people really listened and realize that children should not be stigmatized by their parent's mental health issues! Thank you and God Bless you!

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    Dr. Daniel and Tana, host of The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

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    Thank you for giving me hope! Hearing the stories of people’s lives that have been transformed and reading your books have led me to making an appointment for my 20-year old son at your NY clinic this December. Further, I have a great idea and question....would you consider opening up a clinic in Toronto?? A psychiatrist at our local hospital said SPECT imaging was used more for research. Canada needs you here!!

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    It’s a pleasure to watch and listen to Dr Daniel and Tana for a beautiful episode on How To Connect with people to Fuel your life. My takeaway on this particular episode is to start an inventory of people. Be vulnerable with using some of Dr. Townsend relational nutrients relationship guides and creat a social circle of people with shared values. Thanks again for all the work on brain health. Warmly, Sandy

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    Thank you for doing the work that you do. I’m a single mom who grew up in chaos, has the genetics for brain disaster and was outrageously overmedicated. My brain was a disaster, as was my life it’s taken years of work and the guidance of your books to get to where I am now: off meds, just landed a job I love, and launching a business. However, I have found my self a 100% single parent and that has brought a new host of challenges. I love what Tana brings to the podcast as a woman and mother. Hearing tips from your kiddos has been so insightful as I guide my relationship and home structure with my own daughter. Thank you and love to your whole family, A Colorado Mom

  • Getting off antidepressants
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    I love listening to you everyday! Every episode is packed with useful and interesting information. After listening to your episodes on depression and medication I was filled with questions. I am 54 years old with a Type 2 brain and Type 4 ADD(I appreciated your online assessments!). I was having up to 10 extreme hot flashes daily. My doctor prescribed 37.5, then 75 mg of Venlafaxine and the hot flashes significantly decreased. I had been taking 5-HTP to manage my “dark” thoughts, and stopped when I started taking the Venlafaxine. My mood and thoughts have been great since being on the medication. Here is my question: Should I be concerned for my brain health by taking this medication? Is it safe to take GABA and L- tyrosine with this medication? I did try to stop and followed my doctors recommendation on how to do that, but I was starting to have the dark thoughts again, so I went back to my full dose. If I try to stop the medication again, how long do I wait until I can take the 5-HTP?

  • Wonderful Education
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    Thank you so much for all of your episodes. I Love you two and listen everyday. So educational and I apply to my life. I recently called and left a question which you answered and thank you for your answers. I bought the Memory Rescue and I will be sending out answers to your questions and I thank you because I know now I’m on the tight track. I am Sheila V and have two APOE4, I changed my diet, exercise and had a Neuroquant, and bloodwork. They have diagnosed me with CIRS. The Neuroquant showed hypertrophy hippocampus they believe is due to sleep issues. Atropic Nuclei: Cortical Matter, Caudate, Pallidum I don’t know if Neuroquant is as good as a Spec scan or PET scan

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    Thank you for all your research and info about brain health! We desperately need this info in our world today! Great podcast!!!

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  • Aussie Warrior
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    I love your podcast and listen on my way to work. I love the way the 2 of you talk together, it makes me laugh. Hearing about all the troubles you have gone through personally and with your family and knowing you have found a way out gives me hope. My daughter had a serious bike accident in a triathlon which caused her to suffer PTSD and depression. She has struggled for the last 5 years and your podcast was like a shining hope for us until I realised there is no clinic in Australia that I can get her scanned. I got her to do the brain assessment, she is a type 9 but because of the years of unhelpful doctors and Phycologist she is very cynical. What should I do? Thank you for this work you do. I hope you set up a clinic here as Australia really needs you. Emilia

  • A Brain Warrior Thank You
    by realitydad from United States

    God's Grace and your resources saved us. Imagine the following: * a leaky gut (unknown to us at the time) * a case of Mononucleosis (unknown to us at the time) * a concussion that turned into post concussion syndrome * 9 months of a severe headache * balance and sensory issues * just as the headache was improving, a toxic mold exposure Having a son in post concussion syndrome had me reading every brain book I could get my hands on. He was just getting over his PCS and when I had finished your books 'Healing ADD' and 'Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.' About this same time, my son began suffering from mold exposure. I remembered reading about toxic exposures in both books. I originally skimmed those sections because I didn't think it applied to our situation. Once we figured out it was mold related, we worked with your Atlanta team, Dr. Bennett, and Dr. Filidei to solve the problem. We were so confused and scared during this time, but with your books, the Brain Warriors Way podcast, and your outstanding team, we were able to sort it out. My son is now 100% recovered and we could not be happier. I'm not sure where we would be without you. We've learned so much. Your guidance works. We've seen it with our own eyes. We were so happy and excited about what we learned from your clinic, my wife and I brought our family doctor to your practitioners event in Atlanta. He now has many great new weapons in the battle for brain health. Eternally Grateful, Robert

  • Love Interview with Dr. Hyman
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    It was a great listening to Dr.hyman about all the food choices he makes

  • Skull issue
    by 65!! from United States

    Good morning I listened to your talk about our skulls being too small. I am faculty in the animal science dept at a community college just north of Boston. For years, a condition called syringomyelia has plagued Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. It is the issue where the skull is too small (due to selective breeding) and the brain does not fit. The ramifications for these dogs are; excessive scratching at the neck; pain and seizures. As soon as I heard your podcast I had to comment. I throughly enjoy your podcasts. I participated in your weekly webcast cast several years ago on Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. Getting rid of the ANTS has been a game changer for me. Thank you both Carol W Lynn Ma

  • Brain Health
    by Pamela Short from United States

    I was not aware of how healing hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be for brain health. I will definitely look into this more. I look forward to read some of your books. Thank you

  • Toxic products
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    I will have to download the app, “Think Dirty.” I am trying to use better products for the family. Thank you for the great information.

  • Hyperbolic
    by Steve Pohlit from United States

    Hi Dr & Tana This is a great topic and with the experiences at your clinic there certainly is a lot of support for the results. I am guessing you know of BEMER that I represent. The influence on oxygen intake at the cellular level is about 30% with a residual value of 12-16 hours. In BEMER we say 8 min twice a day. It is also cumulative meaning as the BEMER is used the rate of blood flow is restored closer to that of a healthy perseon. Seeems to me this would be a great system for your clients since they could use it in their home and they can try it using a rental program that you couild offer. And there is more we can discuss if you are interested. Brooke Burke does a really nice intro. I was going to post the link here but it won't let me If you want type Brooke Burke BEMER in the search box at YouTube Personally I have two elite athletes on my team. One is with the NFL and had a mild concussion before the start of the season. He is doing great as far as I can tell. I am still stunned by the results of the junior hockey players. I have played a lot of hockey and I was in one traumatic car accident. I can assure you getting to you for a scan is a top priority Thank you again Steve Pohlit 727-224-4743 PS Love your podcasts I have been a subsciber for a long time. I will do a better job of commenting.

  • It is really eye opening to listen to you
    by Carlos_BrainWarrior from United States

    Hi, I am really happy I discovered your podcast. I have always been interested in well being, but I don’t think I knew how I could do better until I started listening to you. I would love to go to your clinics and get a brain scan for me and my family. Unfortunately, we live in Arizona and your clinics are really far from here. I wish we could get some kind of treatment with you remotely, or work something out. I am looking forward to hear all of your podcasts and to follow you on the social media apps.

  • Grateful for your Gifting
    by J2J Teacher from United States

    I have been in a teaching role since I was a teen, and after 9 years of public school teaching, God blessed me with two boys of my own. With both being on the Autism Spectrum, I was launched on a journey of learning more about the brain and saw Dr. Amen at one of my son's schools around 2006- the same year I was hospitalized after not sleeping for an extended period of time. God was with me on this journey the whole way, and when I picked up a copy of The Daniel Plan a few years ago, I knew there was a reason Dr. Amen was back in my life. Fast forward to now: after graduating both of my boys from our homeschool (one was a two time National Speech and Debate qualifier- take that Autism!) and leading several Daniel Plan adult groups, and seeking God's will for my "next phase" as I retaught The Purpose Driven Life last year- I went back to the classroom. I teach classes at our local Homeschool outsourcing center here in Plano, TX. One class I created is Brain Body Balance as a "health" or "elective" credit that students can take. As I lead students on their Journey to Jesus (J2J), I teach them to figure out what works best for them as individuals to thrive with JOY as they keep their brains and bodies strong to serve God and others. The class is still small, but that lends itself well to the heartfelt, honest sharing the students do each week. Your podcasts have been a blessing to use for homework assignments. The students come with points to share, and are thankful the episodes are short! LOL! I thank God for your gifting and your dedication to helping us ALL be exactly who He created us to be. May He bless your efforts!

  • Brain health
    by oceanbliss770 from United States

    I really appreciate this podcast on brain health. Years ago I was misdiagnosed as bipolar and it seems like ever since then I am trying hard through a healthy lifestyle to live optimally. This is a great short but thorough podcast and you always walk away with at least one tip for the day to be mentally or physically healthy. I wish insurance covered brain scans because it would be awfully useful for everybody to see why we are the way we are!!!

  • Great iDirty Products we use and how they affect our brain
    by JEMM60 from United States

    Love hearing great info about how to keep our brains healthy-learning so much and will be checking the products i use to see how they rate! I’m now equipped to find out with the app “think dirty”. My concern is will i be able to find products that do what I really like or not? Would love to see which ones you like too! Really looking forward to learning more and more #brainwarriorswaypodcast

  • Excellent info!
    by Star Cinder from Canada

    The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast excellent information on how our thoughts can change your brain and the way we daily live! I love the ants teaching and I taught it to my grade 4/5 class. We came up with ‘bats’ to combat those ants in with “be always thankful” or pats “ positive awesome thoughts!”

  • Brain type tests
    by Ruthie2019! from United States

    Love all the podcasts and really enjoy that the are short, which makes it easy to listen too. When I take the free brain tests online. I'm a different type if I take the test a few days apart. How do I know what brain type I am or which ADD type I have? Any suggestions?

  • A game changer
    by Scott from Yu Nawk Nu Yawk from United States

    I discovered Dr. Amen quite innocently while listening to a Tom Ferry podcast. Little did I know how drastically and rapidly my life was about to change. A few months have passed and the self-knowledge of my mind and how it works has taken giant steps. I now know my brain type (2), my impulsive/compulsive behaviors and the devastation that sugar addiction and a high a1C have done to my brain. With the Amens, I am learning to be a brain warrior and plan to have a SPECT scan done when it is feasible for me. I should share that I am a recovering drug addict with long term sobriety but underneath all addictions are the iceberg which is our brains and how we operate. Please give this podcast and print materials your full attention. You will be amazed in how quickly your decisions, serenity, attention span and confidence will saw. Scott G- Croton on Hudson NY

  • Life changing content!
    by SassyBri91 from Canada

    This Brain warrior’s way podcast is so amazing and uplifting! Thank you for being a spark of positivity in a world of negativity. Since reading your book my brain health and LIFE has improved in only only 3 months. I listen to your podcast on my podcast app not through I-tunes so I’m not sure how to leave an I-tunes review. But If you’re reading this you won’t regret ordering Dr. Amen & Tana Amen’s Book ! They are such a pleasure to read! Thank you for helping the world improve their Brian health!

  • Amen for the Amens
    by Laetitia_joystyle from United States

    Well Doc Amen couldn’t wear His name better. He is a blessing to this earth and in my life since i have discovered him earlier this year after a mental breakdown lol ! I was despereate and typed on YouTube “what to do after a panick attack” and by God’s grace He popped up on the video search ! Accompanied by His wife Tana they make the best pair in giving the best life altering advices for a better and happy life ! I actually called the clinic today and I am looking forward getting brain scan by 2020 ! The podcast is a cup full of Information for a joyful life starting from within ! Thank you Both. Lots of love and joy

  • Obsessed!
    by I_am_ferf from United States

    I just found this podcast and am overwhelmed with this information. So interesting and presented in an easy to follow format. My husband and I look forward to having scans on our whole family to give our brains the best health! Thanks to the Amens for this wonderful resource.

  • Practical & Informative
    by Pars123456789 from United States

    I’m a subscriber and I listen to every podcast. I’ve tried other podcasts and I listen to a few episodes and then decide “this doesn’t make sense or who in the world does this apply to”…not me or the people I love. The Brain Warrior’s Way is so easy to relate to and it actually makes sense! Keep up the good work!!!

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    by K Jams 3 from United States

    This podcast is always practical and informative. I love that’s it’s generally under 20 minutes. As a busy mom, I can feed my brain on the way to and from school/sports without needing to set aside an hour.

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    by mommamoocow50 from United States

    Wonderful information!

  • Grateful!
    by Lady K Joy from United States

    I was super happy to find this podcast. I have read a couple of Dr Amen’s books. They made a huge impact on my relationship with my children and have helped me personally to overcome many pitfalls due to “wrong” thinking patterns. If only I could afford an entire family package... lol. I’ll be ordering your newer books soon, trying to find help for my daughters who have undergone traumatic experiences. One of them soon to be pensioned from the Coast Guard, she lost a finger in a work accident, now with PTSD from the incident combined with other trauma. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you both.

  • Neurosurgeons & SPECT scans?!
    by theraeofhopeshow from United States

    So here’s my question—I’m getting ready to take your Brain Health Coach course but a question I have is, do you know of any neurosurgeons who utilize SPECT scans the way you do? Have you done any podcast interviews with one? I’m getting my undergrad in Biochemistry. & going to med school for Neurosurgery but I want to utilize SPECT scans..they’re way too incredible, and I don’t want to “lose” what I’ve learned so far about SPECT scans as I become a surgeon.

  • Best EVER
    by Kellifit from United States

    I have literally read all of your literature. I’m a nutritionist that already struggles to assist people with processing their trauma. Food is their addiction and I’m so thankful for your information. I love the hope that you can all bring to clients. Thank you for your continued commitment to provide the BEST information. We al love you! KEEP MOVING FORWARD @macrocoachkelli

  • The God & Goddess of brain health !
    by koucru from United States

    I have been following your work for years thru PBS . “Do you read ?”, ha love that comment , duh ! You two complement each so perfectly! I just found your podcast and have been furiously playing catch up . I can’t get enough !! Such important work you’re doing and I’m so grateful for it , as I’m sure anyone who follows you both would agree ! Love both of you ❤️

  • Look forward to listening to this podcast
    by melster807 from United States

    Have learned so much about the brain and brain heath from listening. I now walk consistently and eat healthy because of it.

  • Always very educational!
    by BallinaKay from United States

    If only the brain scan was a requirement for everyone like a flu shot, oh how happy this world would be.

  • Informational and Helpful
    by Chanisss from United States

    I really enjoy this podcast and have learned a lot from it. Interesting topics and research. However I think the lady interrupts quite often and sometimes brings up things a bit off topic. Which throw me off when I am trying to listen to the expert. Also her voice is higher and maybe bringing her mic volume down a bit would be better.

  • Brain worriers way cook book
    by Hannah Willoughby from United Kingdom

    This pod cast is amazing, it’s changed my life, especially when it comes to food. I was so unhealthy, I’ve now lost 4.5 stone and feel amazing. I want a healthy brain and think about my brain in everything I do. Thank you so much!!

  • Change your brain, change your grades
    by MicaylaFaith22 from United States

    I have loved listening to the podcast as someone who struggled with depression and the feeling being absolutely “Debilitating” as Tanya worded it. That was the most accurate description I’ve ever heard. I really enjoy hearing perspectives from a young point of view, being only 22 and in nursing school I really try to pull from each podcast and implement topics to my experiences. I wonder what your guys’ thoughts are related to CBD? I hear many people using it for anxiety and a calming effect. Do you know if any links if CBD being damaging to the brain? - Sincerely a Brain Warrior in progress Micayla

  • New to the podcast, and glad it’s here!
    by JJ4455667711 from United States

    I recently came across your work on YouTube, and I’ve absolutely enjoyed your talks and interviews. I ordered your new book this week. I admire your mission. I’ve made several health changes recently and I am feeling great. I’ve known for years the right way to eat and take care of myself. It wasn’t until I seen the brain scans that it became real to me what I’ve been doing to myself. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. and keep it up please. Joe

  • Meghan
    by megfe3012 from United States

    I stumbled upon you when I re traumatized myself and got a pretty nasty case of PTSD. I was so fascinated with Dr. Daniels work. I started studying the brain and psychology. At that time it hit me how important the food choices we make are. It inspired me to begin creating my own farm. I hope to eventually make it to a place where others can connect and have their most basic needs met. I realize not everyone has access to healthy options, but I’m hoping to bridge that gap in my community. Thanks for all you do.

  • Fighting for my brain!
    by everynameisalreadyinuse from Canada

    Great information about concussions and brain health! Thank you so much for the actionable ideas and steps! Thank you as well for talking about this in the public arena and raising awareness about these topics. Our brain is our life, and we need to take it seriously. Thank you both for discussing concussions and TBIs in the serious matter that they require. The work you are doing is so important, as concussions are so frequently treated with a lax attitude. I am glad that I have found your resources, as it’s let me take control of my recovery and has given me hope. I first came across your work through your TED talk - and I’m so grateful that I did! I am also reading Memory Rescue, and I love it! Thank you!

  • Thank you Tana!
    by Penny90405 from United States

    I was having a hard time listening to the podcasts recently because Tana was interrupting people but she definitely is not that any more and I'm enjoying the podcasts so much now! I can now really absorb the wonderful ideas and information that they share in their podcasts. I suppose it could be my slight ADHD which made it hard to concentrate when people were interrupted mid-sentence! I didn't know that I had slight ADHD until I started listening to their podcast!

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    I enjoy listening to this podcast a lot. There’s a lot of great content that benefits me in my daily life. Highly recommend!!

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    So Glad I found Dr Daniel Amen and Tana Amen . I’ve had massive health concerns and I finally feel like I have some clear guidance . These podcasts are so informative and the information just makes sense .

  • Thank you! I’ve learned so much about taking care of my brain!
    by Cowgirl2277 from United States

    When I took the IIN course you were one of my favorite teachers (the Blue Zones teaching was a close 2nd place). I teach everyone that will listen about the Brain Warriors Way and the Blue Zones. I have been bucked off of many horses, had several various kinds of country kid accidents and several car accidents. I also used to drink too much in college. The car accident that gave me whiplash in my mid twenties probably saved my life because I went to a chiropractor that taught me about nutrition for the first time where all of the MDs just wanted to put me on pain pills and other prescriptions. I am now so passionate about healthy living! Your work and the amazing book Switch on Your Brain gave me so much hope that I could heal not only from all of the accidents but also from having a grandfather that was an alcoholic, a toxic childhood from constantly fighting parents, a dad with a lot of abuse from his childhood and a mother who was VERY verbally abusive due to her abusive childhood. I am proud to be the one in the family who broke the chains of abuse and and of unhealthy living. We recently moved to Georgia and this week I learned that you have a clinic in Atlanta! We homeschool our gifted child and I would love the opportunity to be screened and also to make a field trip out of visiting your clinic!!! Much love! Keep fighting the good fight!!!

  • Irlen Syndrome
    by Judy3302 from United States

    It’s so important to educate the public and people in education about Irlen Syndrome. As an Irlen screener I have seen how addressing light sensitivity with colored overlays improves students’ reading and self confidence.

  • Eat like you give a fork!
    by #mommapgoals from United States

    Amazing. This info is life changing. I love their concept of do it now before you get sick These women are incredible.learned soo much by their info. They are dynamic together. Running out to get both of their books

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    This is a awesome podcast to listnen, Tana and Daniel Amen are a wonderful and funny couple; they are very knowlegeable and they always share important information about how to take care of our brains and health.

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    I’m continually left with the impression that Tana would love to help the entire world. I admire that! Beginning to cook for myself in university this podcast has really helped guide my grocery lists, as well as set my eyes on the new kinds of knowledge I would love to obtain!

  • Change Your Brain Change Your Grades
    by CWKirman from United States

    I am thrilled you are updating your book on this topic. I have read most of your books and am really enjoying your podcasts.

  • Question about brain type tests
    by Ruthie2019! from United States

    Love all the podcasts and really enjoy that the are short, which makes it easy to listen too. When I take the when I take the free brain tests online. I'm a different type if I take the test a few days apart. How do I know what brain type I am or which ADD type I have? Any suggestions?

  • LOVE
    by Nannerskay93 from United States

    Love Daniel & Tana’s podcasts! They’ve helped me make the decision to be proactive about my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

  • Depression and Pot (2)
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    I found all The Brain Warrior Podcasts today! I scrolled down and started listening. There’s so much out there about these topics but I felt like I was finally listening to the truth. I love your honesty, the way you two complement each other and real solutions or healthy alternatives that you offer. Thank you! I look forward to listening to more so I’m informed and can help my self, my family and friends. Tana you are brave for sharing your story and I’m sure you have and will continue to give others hope!

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    Today I found out my iPhone had your podcasts. I heard about the podcasts & by accident I found them. Now I am going to be addicted to listening to Dr. Amen & Tana’s interesting podcasts. Thank you for trying to make us all healthy❣️I have tried 30 or more nicknames

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    by Vinny F. from United States

    I have been a long time fan of Dr. Amen since CYBCYL came out. Somehow I didn't know this podcast existed. I just discovered it recently and I love it. I find topics that are important to me. The shows are informative and entertaining.

  • Garnet527
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    I agree about the interrupting. It is very distracting to the point that it makes me not want to listen to this very valuable information.

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    I really enjoy this podcast and all of the fascinating information, but please ask Tana to stop interrupting so much. It is quite distracting.

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    Thank you for the rich information you provide ever day. I honestly wake up brain thirsty to hear and learn more every day. I hope the information you share will help me be a better mom. I would like for you to address the struggles we have with our young adult children going to college and how to help guard them from all the bad influences out there, such as drinking, smoking Juul etc... Thank you so much!

  • Awesome! And I have a topic I would love to hear advice on!
    by Virginia Marie from United States

    I love these two. The content (and recipes in Tana’s books) is just AWESOME. I would LOVE to hear your message on when when we binge. When I have time to make Tana’s recipes I’m usually in good hands bc they are delicious. But too often (as a school teacher around total crap food) I find myself slipping and giving into the fries, pizza or pastries that are right in front of me on a daily basis. Plus, around other teachers who partake in this bad food consumption, so they always say, “oh no big deal to eat this now and then. Or, when I visit with family, who only have bad food around. I have eaten my own good food prior to coming, but then feel bad/rude not sharing in the experience with them- or denying their food- so I wound up cheating. Can you please help with advise for this? I always feel terrible after I cheat, knowing I know better than this & know how horrible it is for me- yet at certain times- it’s so easy to say ‘ok, this won’t be too bad.’ Delusional!

  • How Long Does it Take to get over Grief
    by Queenie Deenie from United States

    Excellent episode. I appreciate the conversational format with Dr. Amen and Tana. They share amazing perspectives, stories, analogies, and insight to the subject of grief. I was thrilled that pet bereavement was mentioned and acknowledged. Excellent podcast. Thank you both for your amazingly selfless contribution to Brain Health and overall well being of others! There are so many other things you could be doing for yourselves; yet you continually choose to serve others. Thank you!

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    I am soo grateful to have found you two Doctor Daniel and Tana!! You are both amazing, what else can I say?!♥️?✨ It happened last week, so I started studying all your videos on YouTube, listening to your podcast, on Friday I contacted Amen Clinics (YAY!!!:-) they have responded, I have responded back... let’s see what happens!! And of course I also started to make changes on my diet! From vegan to brain warrior woman yeahhh! Got all the basic 5 supplements, etc etc.... Doing my best! Following the best ones! Amazing team! Bravo!!? THANK YOU! ? From the bottom of my heart ♥️ Now I Feel full of HOPE... it just happened when it had to happen. 38 years of suffering. No more! Lots of love from GABY!

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    I appreciate the valuable information but find it disruptive when the hosts interrupt one another or the guest. I feel like I’m at a party and no one is listening to the person speaking. Also not sure why the shorter snips and more episodes. Would prefer longer shows on the same topic. Thanks!

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    i just started listening to this podcast and i'm hooked! i love their philosophy. Wish I didn't have to work so i could get through more episodes in a day!

  • The Neuroscience of Voodoo Dolls, Vampires & Zombies
    by Kendra Trepus Luna from United States

    This was a fascinating explanation of how history, religious beliefs, and medical science converge to explain what was viewed as mystic. I do development work in Haiti and I see how even today, this reality affects the belief system and culture present day.

  • ADD listener
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    I will continue to listen to the podcast. I am having trouble concentrating on Dr Amen’s advice with Tana interrupting constantly. I think she has a great attitude and do enjoy what she is saying.

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  • Alcohol: The Holiday Spirits You’re Better Off Without
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    An eye-opener. Very interesting podcast?.

    by LizzieWhiteSLP from United States

    As someone who has been through 7 concussions (5 from college cheer, 1 from a kiddo punching me, 1 from car accident), and has tried EVERYTHING under the sun to feel better and most of all, to be understood, I was SO relieved when my mom recorded Dr. Amen’s PBS message for me one evening. I immediately became hooked on his methods, and have been absolutely blown away by his abilities to revamp the brain in the most natural and holistic way! Standard medicine isn’t ALWAYS getting it right anymore, and to find a program like Dr. Amen’s has been life changing! I’ve been reading his book and listening to his podcasts due to low funds (from medical bill nation) but cannot WAIT to order the rest of his master kit and the cookbook! Both as a Speech-Language Pathologist and a brain injury survivor, I HIGHLY recommend his program AND his podcast!

  • Can’t get enough!
    by S Erika H from United States

    Heard you speak at our Nerium Conference some years ago. Didn’t know my grandmother would pass of Dementia and now my mother was diagnosed 2 years ago and now loves with me. Your podcast is truly helping us change the legacy of our family!

  • Over Coming ADD
    by Alicia NYC from United States

    I love Tana Amen's no nonsense approach to nutrition and listening to the podcast has taught me many valuable lessons to help my brain / my life, especially when it comes to dealing with my ADD.

  • This physician recommends listening to Dr. Amen
    by Ceanairghie from United States

    A happy healthy brain is the key to living. A perfectly healthy body with a depressed, anxious or disrupted mind does not produce a happy life. But there are many examples of people who have impaired bodies who live and are happy. Behavior and nutrition determine brain function and in the end can even overcome genetic predisposition to brain disease. This podcast gives brief encouraging easy-to-understand information supported by evidence on real changes people can make to optimize brain function and happiness. Dr Amen doesn’t keep this information secret or use it for personal gain but rather he shares it freely. Have a free visit with Dr. Amen every day by listening to his podcast!

  • What an amazing person /man/ dr/ Christian.
    by Donna 2019 from Canada

    Absolutely honoured to listen to him. He’s totally brilliant , has opened up my mind and my life . I recommend him to everyone who will listen to me. My bucket list is to see him and get scanned and my meds looked at.

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    Thank you so, so, SO much for your amazing Podcast! I came across it last year and absolutely love all that you share! As someone who was pretty good at listening to her ANTS, your episodes and information have literally transformed my life in so many areas!! I also share these tools with the children I work with - as a former primary school teacher I now run mental and emotional wellbeing workshops within schools and Captain Snout makes a regular appearance! Thank you so much for this amazing show! You two are absolute gems and the world is a better place with you two in it! Much love - Natalie Costa from Power Thoughts xx

  • Excellent Support
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    Thank you Dr. Amen and Tanya for sharing your knowledge and making life changes do-able!

  • Nutrition Tactics to Supercharge your BRAIN
    by IIN Health Coach from United States

    As you say - what I am doing, is this going to help my brain or is it going to hurt my brain. I am so protective of my brain and how to care of it. I'm learning from you everyday from your podcast, books, and recipes!! YOU are game changing for my life and my family and friends around me. I am a graduate of the Institure of Integrative Nutrition and the Gut Heathl course, and I am passion to help and change the lives of the people I love and those around me. So from the bottom of my heart, thank YOU!!

  • Interesting...however
    by Nikko1211 from United States

    Have been listening to podcasts but some episodes end mid stream and never continue like the the Dr says it will. Please cover transient global amnesia!!

  • Can’t thank you enough!
    by RayHelpsPeople.com from United States

    On my Christmas break I listened to one of your audiobooks and discovered you also have a podcast! I’m listening through all the episodes and making all the changes you’ve suggested! I’ve listened to CDs from the library years ago which changed so much back then when I was going through a divorce. I hope to bring my kids to a clinic sometime when we can afford it. I’ve come so far and feel so good! Thank you!!

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    I am enjoying the balance of faith and fitness this podcast brings. Thanks

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    What a wealth of complimentary information, motivation and encouragement to live your best life. Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen generously share an abundance of resources to both point you in the right direction and keep you on that path.

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    by A firm believer all the way from United States

    I listened to most of the original presentations of the Brain Warriors Way which started in the summer and went through to the fall. However then I had a work change schedule and it was hard to fit all of the remaining ones in. I had listened to the audio book Change Your Brain Change Your Life several times over so did not feel at a complete loss. What I really like now with the Podcasts is that they are 15 minute segments of time rather than the one hour, giving the meat and potatoes of the presentation if you will, which is easier to fit into a busy schedule... thank you for that! I also like that you can pick and choose a title that is pertinent to what you want or need to hear at any given time. Excellent content with abbreviated presentation thank you so much! Would like to add retrospectively, months later, I am totally a “Brain Warrior”. I’m an RN and am ready to take the next step and sign up for Brain Health Coaching (thanks to 50% off offer!) I took my adult daughter to the DC Amen Clinic recently, and while it was what she said she needed, that being to actually see her brain function via the SPECT scan, she continues to suffer significantly as she can’t seem to make the changes she needs to make. I’m hoping that by my learning and pinpointing even more how I can help her (and those I serve in my practice as well) that she will eventually be able to reach the potential I know she has. (And, not gonna lie, I would dearly love to “win” the monthly draw for hard copies of The Brain Warriors Way and Tana’s cookbook.) Thanks, Gayle

  • Amazing
    by Boy 11 from Canada

    I listen to your podcast religiously, as a police officer for over 24 years I use your advice everyday when dealing with people, and sometime ask questions now that can enlighten me on certain situations! Thankyou very much!!

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    There is so much good information from Dr Daniel & Tana Amen in each episode! I need to listen more than once. Thank you!

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    I was so angry I don’t know how this started playing on my phone in the morning but it came on like my morning alarm! Even after I cleared the cache. But I started to like what I was hearing because I’ve been in such a dark and lonely Place. I’m thinking I now have a way out so thank you,even though you may not see this. Thank you! I feel I have some morning ammunition.

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    Very much worth the time to listen and much to learn from. Thank you Dr Amen for all your work in this space and for sharing it and changing lives.

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    Dr.Daniel Amen is a brilliant medical doctor who is changing lives through his work. His wife, Tana Amen is brilliantly informative too. Everyone should hear everything that these two have to say.

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    I have learned so much by listening to Dr. Amen. He is cutting edge in his field and his reseach and approach to brain health is simply the best!!! I love Dr. Amen!!

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    Love the information you put out on this podcast. I also listen/watch on YouTube. I also listen to The Daily Hope podcast but I heard of Rick Warren from his book “Purpose Driven Life” and a friend from work introduced you two to me. Thanks a lot!

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    by Food=Rx from United States

    There seems to be a lot of confusion among the experts on what we should eat. This podcast was really simple and easy to understand. I'm also reading Memory Rescue which is a great book by Dr. Amen!

  • Tana, please stop interrupting...
    by Lisawilliamstaylor from United States

    I love Dr. Amen's soothing voice as he talks to his audience, but when Tana speaks, she is louder and faster, and constantly interrupts him. Can't they use hand signals or Tana allow Dr. Amen the chance to finish his thought process? Tana annoyingly sidelines the conversation by talking/bickering with Dr. Amen, instead of having a conversation with the audience. Maybe she has a need to voice her opinion, but it feels that Tana is controlling the podcast. I listen to receive factual information and I don't mind an opinion, but interrupting feels like I am listening to an argument instead and that Tana is using the platform/podcast not to share an opinion but to argue it.

  • Very helpful podcast, but...
    by TheRareReviewWriter from United States

    I am finding all of this information to be so helpful, learning about my brain, how different supplements can help or hurt it, or how to stop and correct negative thoughts, but...during the last two episodes I listened to, it sounded like Tana was eating...which raises two questions: 1) Is ‘studio time’ the only time she gets to eat that she doesn’t care how it sounds? And 2) are there techniques for me to stop being annoyed when someone eats, drinks, etc while talking?

  • When mommas happy the whole family’s happy!
    by 3WylieGirlz from United States

    This podcast was the first podcast I started listening too nearly 4 years ago and its changed my life and my family! My husband had severe acid reflux and allergies. He no longer has to take medicine. My two girls 13 and 14 are now eating healthy food as a choice not because they have to. I’m a middle aged women with mid life issues and I’m happy to report I run circles around women half my age! I’ve also learned how to love my brain which in turn taught me how to love myself. When mommas happy the whole family’s happy!

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    Have listened to Daniel for 10 years or more and his insights are spot on.

  • Super energetic podcast and awesome info!
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    Just found your podcast and learning from all the info you share. Love Tana’s passion (such as when she was talking about people smoking weed) and thank you for sharing what you say to your daughter. Life is not fair and this is what what we do to be healthy. (Sorry paraphrasing). Enjoy how calm Dr Amen is. Can you get into more parenting tips too? Looking forward to more great shows!!!

  • Feels like I just found my brain
    by Jim n i 98 from United States

    I Heard Dr Daniel on Jim Kwik podcast and had to find Dr Daniels. Just per-ordered his new book and starter learning more about what is needed to help with my wellness Journey.

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    by Home SLP from United States

    I love listening to this podcast when I go out walking. There is always so much great information. I can't always remember everything that was said while I'm walking, so I would love it if there were some type of show notes that would summarize some of the main points, or give links to the different websites, etc. that were discussed during the show.

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    by KindredSpirit2018 from United States

    Love Love Love your podcast. I listen regularly on my commute to and from work. I have been a fan ever since the Daniel Plan came out and I googled you to see just who Rick Warren was keeping company with. (Big fan of Daily Hope also). I get your regular emails as well and so much appreciate the good advice and great information. I share much information with my human A&P students during our Nervous System unit. I really appreciate reinforcement of basic concepts I have preached for 3 decades , as well as the newer modern info that is not in any textbook yet. Keep doing what you do. You are changing lives for the better!!

  • GREAT episode on secondhand smoke
    by Sophia Corp from United States

    Tana , I felt like I was listening to myself talk to my husband about it .....I am so passionate about the subject also I have similar trauma that’s why I really ABHORE the fact that people are allowed to smoke outside their personal areas ie car,home ! I think they should be forced to roll up the windows of their cars and shut the doors of their homes and keep that crappy air to themselves!! Also ....you guys have to stop talking over each other , sometimes It can be a little annoying cuz I have to keep rewinding ??‍♀️oh AND because I’m Greek, I wanna hear more about your trip to Greece??

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    Thank you so much for this podcast! So informative, reassuring, and empowering.

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    After receiving a SPECT image scan in 2012, I have dedicated my life to healing my brain and recovering my health. I’ve enjoyed and appreciate every podcast that I have heard so far. Dr. Amen and Tana Amen work so well together and provide a sense of humor that lightens very heavy topics. These podcasts are so informative and provide essential information for healthcare practitioners and people who are interested in transforming their lives. Thank You!

  • Inspiring and insightful
    by Dr Ruth Mary Allan from United Kingdom

    Love this podcast. I listen to it whenever I can. It’s incredibly insightful, inspiring and thought provoking. The diversity of the topics has allowed me to share insights to my family, friends and colleagues to help boost their brain health. It’s the little things that can sometimes make the biggest difference. Thank you both for sharing your knowledge and tips.

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    This podcast is informative, inspiring, motivating, and essential to everything that has to do with your physical, mental, and spiritual life. A well rounded podcast from the expert themselves! You can’t go wrong! Just received my Healing ADD book and excited to read it! My family has a history of cancer, diabetes, substance use, heart disease, obesity, including a brother diagnosed with schizophrenia. It’s been a relief to be able to have a place where I can make sense of it all and try my best to help my family. Being born and raised in Hawaii, being Hawaiian myself, and having to deal with these challenges have been very difficult for me. I actually find a lot of solace in this podcast knowing that I am in control of my own destiny! MAHALO NUI!!

  • Tana—it’s not all about you
    by Mslender2016 from United States

    I love listening to the information Dr. Amen has, but, honestly, Tana interrupts and brings the convo back around to her so much I get anxiety and rage. Lol. Stop talking! I’d love a podcast without her.

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    This podcast is full of insightful wisdom for a variety of aspects you may not connect to brain health. So refreshing to know they are looking into new ways to diagnose and treat various brain issues. I love it.

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    There is so much great information in these podcasts. I love listening to them. I picked up the book Change Your Brain Change Your Life and it has literally changed our whole family’s lives. The podcasts are proving to be just as useful!

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    I love the Amens! I share most episodes with my family regularly! Could Tana listen a bit better? Thank you both so much!

  • What Can You Do to Fight Racism?
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    This particular podcast was amazing. Pastor McPherson gives some very practical ways to evaluate one's own thoughts and behavior. The fact that we all need to acknowledge that even if you don't think that you are a racist, your judgement about any particular act is influenced by the person's race. Even your own race! I particularly liked how he used kneeling during the National Anthem as an example. Thank you for this series.

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    by Hot stuffhsshaush from Canada

    Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen are my favourite people, I love and admire them very deeply and was thrilled when I heard they were starting a podcast. They are a delight to listen to and their message about brain health is something that’s so important to spread. Our society doesn’t yet look at brain health as much as we should, and recognize that it is a large factor in explaining our behaviour and our problems. We recognize the other three circles that Daniel explains which are the psychological, social, and spiritual components, and those are all very important! But we often miss the biological component, when we are trying to understand behaviour. As Daniel puts it, “our brain is the hardware of our soul”. It is important to take care of our brain and body, so that we can better serve God while we are here. I got the message loud and clear. I hear you, I get you, and I love you guys so so much ❤️. I recommend this podcast to anybody, it is great.

  • Better late than never...
    by Davbarn76 from Australia

    I wish I found you earlier...but as they say its better late than never. I was in a car accident 4 years ago, broke my neck and since have suffered with lack of concentration, memory loss etc. It took me two years to recover and manage pain. During this time my daughter was being tested for ADD. I am loving your podcasts, thank you.

  • Thank you very much
    by wavra from United States

    This podcast has helped me so much with my anger and how deal with it and how to get it under control. I plan to come have my brain scanned this fall. Thank you very much you guys are the best!!!

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    I absolutely love listening every week!! I was hoping to get more information on the program I believe it was Micheal Peterson talked about for High schoolers? I should have sent this right after listening just didn’t get to it.

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    Easy to follow love the information. Helpful and insightful. Thank you for your guidance and sharing your information.

  • Which supplements are best for life
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    Please stop interrupting each other constantly! It’s annoying and rude !

  • My teenagers brain
    by TeishaAnn from United States

    Thank you so much for creating this podcast. My 16 year old suffers from ADHD and sleep disorders. I’ll look forward to bringing him to you for a scan to see how we can help him be the best person he can be. I want to do all that we can to heal his brain.

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    These two people are the most dynamic duo that I have ever listened to. So inspiring and everything they say resonates and makes so much sense. It is just straight facts backed by science and it is just so unbelievably soothing and comforting to listen to when you are hurting. I’m so inspired and it has changed my life and my husband and two daughters are noticing and wanting to learn from me now... how to have brain envy. So cool :). Thanks.

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    If you want to listen to a credible source of information this is your place. I love thier podcasts

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    I loved the clarity of the podcast highlighting concordance/ association between sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea and psychiatric disorders. It’s something I’m mindful of in clinical practice. I look forward to reading the book

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    Just found this podcast and listened to 10 episodes. Help for stress, anxiety, gut health, diet, plus loads of skills for managing life. Love your easy manner and honest sharing of personal stories. Thanks so much-- you have a new fan!

  • Packed with Science & Smart Tips - In Short & Sweet Episodes
    by MPerezRios from United States

    Dr. Daniel Amen & Tana Amen are SO incredibly intelligent; they bring in highly qualified and decorated scientist and researchers and base everything they talk about off experiments and clinicals. I appreciate their honesty, humor, and the simple way they are able to explain some complicated concepts. After experiencing my grandmother going through Alzheimer’s, I have become very invested in my health and brain function. I’m 23 and now realize that my brain health is dependent on what I provide my body with everyday as of right NOW. Dr. Amen has helped me change my life, and I’m so thankful to have found this podcast - thank you for putting this information out into the world!

  • Loved The Busey Interview!
    by AnxietyGoddess from United States

    Hearing Dr. Amen and Tana show and tell with actor Gary Busey made it hit home that you can change your brain and exactly how to do it with the the BRIGHTMINDS formula. With all the reports of suicides on the news, it's nice to see that The Amen Clinic is working hard to empower people to change their brains with research like quitting marijuana because it cuts off your blood flow in your brain. Thank you for giving us the latest research.

  • Shift into positive empowered momentum
    by BethanyEling from United States

    Every once in a while we come across something that helps us realize why we are here and what our innate purpose may be. I felt this way when I first learned of Oliver Sacks and his tremendous mind and works. At that point I made a lifelong goal to become a neuroscientist and ultimately help people who daily face a unique slant on life from living with a neuroatypical mind. The first time I ever heard Dr. Amen speak, I had the same feeling of inspiration. Somehow he and Tana’s life’s work makes the most sense to me of any sort of treatment program/life plan I have investigated through years and years of tenacious searching. Thank you for your positive mindset, well-researched practical suggestions, and empowering message of putting the battle for one’s own brain and mind into our capable hands. This podcast has significantly shifted me out of a 4 year battle with depression and hopelessness into a positive trajectory that seems to be picking up momentum on a daily basis. I greatly hope to have the opportunity to visit one of your clinics someday.

  • “Sugar is death”
    by KJenkinsAF from United States

    “Sugar is death” resonated with me. My wife has been on a/the paleo diet for a few years now. She reads EVERY label, we purchase a tenth of the processed we used to. You can always tell a persons commitment to a lifestyle/diet change by how they order food at s restaurant. I am much less committed than she. After hearing Daniel’s statement about sugar and its inflammatory effect. A light turned on. Then the wattage increased when he said that head injury damages the pituitary gland. I was in a near fatal car crash many years ago. I’ve never had my hormone levels checked. I suspect they will find deficiencies, as it’s been symptom whack-a-mole ever since. Thanks to my wife and Dr.’s Amen I have committed to being a healthier consumer.

  • Mind Blowing- literally!
    by Mathilda C from United States

    I've been watching several podcasts lately of Dr. Amen and his wife, Tana. I'm thoroughly impressed with you both and the information you have to give us is mind blowing and so very important for a happy and healthy and hopefully long, fulfilling life! I'm now a huge fan!!! Thank you both for helping us all with your knowledge and experience! God bless you both! - Michele Callahan

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    Gary Busey is out of this world! What an inspiration!

  • Just Try This Podcast, You'll Be Hooked
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    I love The Brain Warrior's Podcast. There is so much information on so many topics that affect our health. It is amazing how healthy food and the knowledge of what affects your brain health can affect your whole physical and mental health. I highly encourage you to listen.

  • Maybe some hope now
    by i dont understsnd from United States

    I am grateful for your messages on your podcast. My husband us 59 and has been diagnosed with Symantec dementia and it has been life changing for us. I would love the chance to be able to change this situation for him, and to be able to help him more then just giving in and letting it take its course. There has to be a way to give back some of his life. God Bless

  • New listener
    by AMBlaney from United States

    I enjoyed this podcast, especially Gary Busey’s acronyms. Thought-provoking! Looking forward to more!

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    I just listened to the first podcast with Gary Busey and it’s so interesting. Thanks for this perspective!

  • Good Information
    by Beyond tireddddd from United States

    I have been listening for a few months now and always find new information to absorb. I laugh at the Amen's interactions, and love the information they share. I found the cookbook through Interlibrary loan and was sad to have it for such a short time. I am realizing that those who buy the book must hold on to it because I cannot find it at any used bookstores. While this is good I eagerly await when i can get my own copy. The recipes have proven wonderful. The latest podcast about evaluating what you are asked to do against your values has me changing many of the lavender infused products I offer. While many used cane sugar, even cutting that out is becoming a challenge. Thank you for all these. I enjoy them immensely.

  • Short and highly informative
    by Jacky Monty from United States

    Science-backed and well-presented info on diet and activities which aim to improve brain health.

  • Feeling positive
    by BB130986347 from United States

    My entire life has been predetermined by my moms mental health. I grew up in and out of psychologists and psychiatrists, tried many different pills for my anxiety. Nothing ever worked, everything seemed to get worse and I get defeated by a mental illness that was “genetic or passed on”. I took myself off all medicines at 24 and have been searching for a solution to my anxiety. I am 30 now and constantly fighting with “how am I supposed to be normal”. I began running a year ago and started feeling better and eating better, but I’m not cured. I started looking into solutions for my anxiety that is not medicine, but reading material. I can’t sit and read, so that didn’t help. I came across these podcasts and they keep me AWARE. I have daily aspirations now I can think of such as the acronym “relating”, and now I recognize my ANTS and I am aware. I can’t wait to learn more and be more knowledgeable about a healthy brain because this has been the most successful management (not cure) of my anxiety. Thank you, it means a lot to discover you both.

  • Thank you!!!!
    by Brenc6 from United States

    Truly great information. Thank you so very much for sharing all your information. Very inspirational and motivating to take better care of myself. The Amens and Dr Hyman have help me recover from a toxic exposure. Listening to their advice and following them through has truly helped me regain my health. Thank you so very much

  • The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast
    by Wendolyn2204 from United States

    I am so happy that I found this podcast! I am sharing with my family and friends. Very helpful information that support us in being the very best healthy person we can be.

  • Timely
    by inspiredtimely from United States

    A couple years ago, my two youngest children were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I was scared of trying medication, they were young. I was wanting to try alternative routes. I felt inspired to go to my church’s book store, and found Healing ADD. I love it! I was able to find a local natural path who is familiar with this work, and has given us the resources we needed. And it was in lines of what was suggested in the book. Later, I ran across this podcast, and again the timing was perfect. Around the same time my husband and I were struggling in our marriage, and I strongly felt like he has ADD as well, as an adult he has managed to keep his jobs, and felt he was ok. So it has been a journey that we are still traveling. Listening to the games they play, allowed me to understand my husband a little better and realize that it wasn’t his intentions, but rather a knee jerk reaction from his ADD. It has made my resentment and anxiety a little better. This was great timing! My husband did seek medical help for ADD. He tried Ritalin, and it was awful. Then Aderall which seemed to amplify his issues. Today his dr. told he couldn’t have ADD because of how he reacted to the stimulants. Yeah for the book, timing...he is trying cymbalta. It is a process, and I greatly appreciate the resources and information from Dr.Amen. Fingers crossed the third try works for us!

  • Making a huge difference
    by claiming my psychosis from United States

    I’m a month into the supplements after having my SPECT done through my psyche and it’s making a WORLD of difference!! I’d love the books!! #DenabearTime

    by danethedancer from United States

    I feel less alone with the struggle of telling that my form of autism was caused by the MMR shot at 12 months. I had the similar symptoms. That episode makes you more of a saint than ever!! I feel that SPECT scans should be the norm for all children diagnosed with autism.

  • The Brain Warriors way
    by janiecarol from United States

    I haven’t read his book, but truly enjoy his podcasts and his wife and Daniel give amazing advice.

  • Hope!
    by Givemeabreaj from United States

    Listening to these podcasts has given me new hope for dealing with lifelong anxiety/depression. I had two concussions as a child and early drug use. I am inspired to further investigate all that Amen Clinics has to offer. Givemeabreak

  • Great Podcast about Health & Your Brain
    by Annact20 from United States

    If you have every just wondered, why do I do that? This podcast will answer that question and much more. As a teacher I have always tried to focus on ways to help my students learn better and focusing on what I can do to make my brain healthier will help my students also. I am excited to teach my students how to get rid of “ANTs” and also how they can protect their brain to become better students and people in this world. This podcast offers many topics about health and points to things you can do help your brain.

  • So helpful and encouraging
    by Jamige from United States

    This podcast has helped give me awareness of dietary and lifestyle changes that I can make in my own and my family’s lives so that we can improve our brain health... to include getting a ping pong table!!

  • Oh my goodness
    by Dcypher from United States

    I love this. It’s so helpful. I have many brain related issues and really feel hopeful when I listen to these.

  • The Highlight of My Morning!
    by Em Dee Jee from United States

    Dear Dr. Amen and Tana Amen, I don't even know where to begin! I've left a review before, but I just can't help but leave another. Your podcasts have changed my life. Never before have I been so protective of my brain health, and the brain health of those I love. I am inspired. I am amazed. I am empowered. Tana makes me want to start taking self-defense classes, for real! I listen to your podcasts in the mornings when I walk, and I have to stop walking sometimes so I can share them right away (See, I don't text and walk thanks to you ;). By now people are probably sick of me sharing them. When I discovered you were doing a talk on the Daniel Plan at Saddleback back in February 2018, I knew I HAD to go. Just before heading out, I was talking to my family about the work you do. Someone then said to me, "He sounds like a rockstar." And I said, "Yes he is! In my life!" And later as I arrived at Saddleback, I was sitting there in the second row wiggling in excitement for you to start. The lady next to me said, "You must be excited." And I immediately responded with a YES! I heard a woman behind me say something about some people in the audience being too young to care about this kind of thing. I don't think I'm too young at all. In fact I wish I would've learned about brain health earlier in my twenties! I appreciate all of the tips and resources and life you and your team share with us. Thank you for being revolutionary. Thank you for being passionate. THANK YOU all so, so, so much. With gratitude, Marissa

  • Informative
    by Grendel_Girl from United States

    I truly like the show and the conversations they have with each other and guests. I do wish they’d let each other finish thoughts and not interject with emotional personal history quite as much as they do... it’s valid sometimes, other times it seems to throw important ideas and information off kilter.

  • Pain Relievers: Ones to Choose and Lose
    by Bobedy from United States

    Caution for women planning to get pregnant or who are pregnant: avoid acetaminophen! Dr. Amen and Tana explain why and offer a substitute. My question: our son is allergic to all aspirin and aspirin-like NSAIDs. What would you suggest instead for him?

  • Sync up the elder world to make it a better place!
    by Frankly Speaking Up from United States

    I just listened to the Handholding Podcast! What a joy Dr. Amen and his wife Tana are! Based on research studies we now have learned from the Podcast, when people hold hands, their brainwaves sync up. Using this information, I would like to encourage all listeners to think of the elder people in your community. They have survived many years of ups and downs but now life has many reasons to be down, down, down. They have lost friends, family, control of their independence and other losses which over time add up. Now, armed with the great information on the Handholding Podcast, I encourage you to get your own brainwaves at peace. Then sign up to volunteer with seniors at a facility, hospice, at your religious institution, or with your own elder family members. After a background check and some training, you can go visit them. You can take them to hear music in the facility, roll them around in their wheelchairs, and most importantly, hold their hand. Touch is one of the last senses that is available as we are dying. If you volunteer for Hospice, it is amazing what handholding does for the dying person (and you, the handholder). When a person can no longer communicate with you using talk, they can still give your hand a squeeze to indicate yes or no answers. They can feel the power of your caring touch as you just calmly hold their hand and wish them peace.

  • Great podcasts!
    by Mynickname247 from United States

    I really enjoy Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen. They are full of information for brain health. The podcasts are short, so it doesn’t take a lot of time to listen; however , they contain helpful and interesting information about optimizing your brain health and your life. They are also a delightful couple.

  • What is Causing your Child's Anxiety
    by harvey1955 from United States

    Great information to help unlock the anxiety my daughter has struggled with for years! Clear, concise and very helpful. Thank you!!

  • Dealing with Depression
    by Bonik001 from Canada

    Thank you for the ‘mental health’ check-in. Really enjoyed this podcast

  • Great informatioN!
    by Fritterk from United States

    Always good content and great guest interviews. Look forward to every episode.

  • So informative, helpful, and fun!
    by Counselor Katie from United States

    I listen to very few podcasts, but this one I’m a little addicted to. The information provided is so practical even though the topics are so complex. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us! Thanks!

  • Dr.Amen and his wife helped me heal my TBI
    by Soulgypsy23 from United States

    I just love listening to Dr. Amen and his wife. I had my second and most severe (possibly more when I was younger) tramatic brain injury in 2001 when I was life flighted (unconscious) to a hopital in Pittsburgh PA. Luckily, I was able to finish college (painstakingly) and have a normal life. But my memory has affected me ever since, as well as, word recall, balance, etc. With the Amen's recommendations, I've been able to help heal my brain and my body. I feel more awake, more balanced and my word recall has increased over time and not decreased. I'd love to have a brain scan and plan to one of these days to see how it reflects my brain images after my car accident.

  • Thanks
    by Ary_24 from United States

    Hi, my name is Yadira Ortiz. I’m a nutritionist, personal trainers and a massage therapist who life and work in Puerto Rico. I’m so inspired for every episode to keep working on my practice. The Brain Warriors Way had help me with my patients. Just Thanks.

  • Concise, Clear, Helpful Advise
    by Yorkshar from Canada

    I am so glad I found this podcast. I have been listening and reading many of your books from the library and now go to the thrift stores to find as many there that I can so I can share them with my friends. I work at a school with many students with "brain issues" and would love to work in a situation where I could actually help parents learn how to change their children's brains with nutrition instead of drugs.

  • Amazing Information
    by JKWiz from United States

    I just discovered your work this past week. I have been consuming all your information and have ordered your books. ADD runs so strong in my family with alcoholism and drug abuse. I only wish I had discovered you years before when my kids were younger. I am on my to a healthier brain because of your work! Thanks so much for all your work and sharing.

    by Time4RealChange from United States

    I'm so thankful to have found you on my self-improvement journey! While working on my dietary changes, I found out about Functional Medicine (and you guys) through Dr Mark Hyman. So much to learn and so many topics covered by this podcast and ALL the work you both do. You've already made such a difference in my growth after only a couple of weeks. THANK YOU

    by 1jmc from United States

    This is a great eye opener. I have taken down some notes that I feel will help me. Thanks for this amazing podcast!

  • Brain Warriors Way, great Podcast
    by Shopop from United States

    I love the Brain Warriors Way. Very informative podcast. Daniel and Tana Amen bring you information that’s practical, that anyone can apply to their lives. I recommend this podcast to all.

  • All Amen podcasts - The Brain Warriors Way
    by Words by Jill from United States

    Dr. Amen and Tana do a great job of distilling complex and sometimes controversial topics into meaningful, practical advice. They do so in an engaging way with warmth and humor. Definitely worth listening to and subscribing!

  • Dr Amen & Tana Advice
    by Delta in NC from United States

    I’ve been following Dr Amen and Tana since 2010, having ordered his PBS series about Brain, ADD and weight loss. 2 yrs later, I took our 20 y old son to the Amen Clinics. He was struggling in college, depressed, sleeping late and just had a car accident. When I asked my son to go, I told him it might just be the beginning of his success. And it was. The diagnosis was dead-on, and he never would believe the impact anxiety and poor diet had on his brain until he saw the damage on the SPECT scans. 2 yrs later, he graduated on time, managed a business internship as a senior WITHOUT a car and started a new career outside of his major after graduation. He is now working for a top five firm in the country and is about to finish his masters in data analytics. Thank you Dr A & Tana for your unfailing wisdom, outreach and compassion. Our family members are big supporters of your work, supplements and advice. Your work has enriched our lives... and helped us fine joy in thought and better brain health!!!

  • Great info
    by yeyewooo from United States

    It is so refreshing to know that we can make a difference....we have to take control of our lives.

  • Kids Can Kill the ANTS!
    by Hawaiian777 from United States

    I listen to the podcasts when I workout at the gym and they are very informative and practical. I am teaching over 300 children in my school about ANTS. My life is a lot healthier and better. Thank you!

  • Knowledge and Personality in this Show!
    by Thora in Canada? from Canada

    Huge fan of all the podcasts, literature, workbooks, DVDs, etc!! Still living with the effects of my TBI 25 years later, the expertise and knowledge expressed by Dr Amen and Tana brings to light my struggles, how to identify and understand them and how to cope with the effects. Keep up the incredible efforts!

  • Amazing content!
    by KathrynKeefer from United States

    I first heard Dr.Amen speak at my school. My mind was literally blown and I wished I could hear MORE! So of course I was so happy to not only see that he had a podcast but that there’s so much amazing content!

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    by Silleebarre from United States

    Thank you so much for this outstanding podcast on health and wellness. The information you discuss on brain health, nourishment, and meaningful lifestyle is direct, easy to understand, and no BS! I look forward to listening to you both as often as I can. It is quite obvious you have a healthy marriage and family life by the way you two interact together, so comfortable and complimentary. I also appreciate that you have many short different topics to choose from. I only found you a couple months ago so I have a lot of listening to do over the coming weeks. Thank you for being an inspiration in my life. My husband and I are are a committed road to health and wellness. You have become a big part of our journey and I look forward to many more episodes.

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    by Karen Sue Smith from United States

    I recently saw DR Amen on a PBS special. A google search led me to his website where I learned about The Brain Warrior's Way podcasts. I was particularaly interested in listening to the interview with DR Bredesen as I had recently read his book "The End of Alzheimer's. It is wonderful to know right minds are working together on this devastating condition. I am a loyal listener to the Brain Warrior's Way podcasts.

  • This is tomorrow's medecine today!
    by AlohaAloha9 from Canada

    Dr.Amen & Mrs Amen are amazing coaches! This is tomorrow's medecine today! Everyone can bebefit from their research and experience! They simplify the How to do it! Love them!

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    This podcast has been such a blessing to me throughout my sever anxiety & PTSD journey.

  • Love the show
    by Laurie 2014 from United States

    I am a home health clinician and spend a lot of time driving. you two make my commute enjoyable and informative and equips me with some great information to help my patients. thank you so much for being warriors for our brains!!

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    Fun to listen to and easy to apply

  • Finally ~ Educated and Invested in the General Publics Well Being
    by F.Gentile from United States

    Wow. I am a Registered Nurse from Boston. I have been on the hunt for invested and educated health wellness advisors, my search is finally over. I have struggled with physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma since I was born 24 years ago. I grew up eating wendy's and sour cream and onion chips. I have always struggled with brain fog. Recently I was laid off and have been evaluated by a chiropracter, accupuncturist, physical therapist, and the list goes on. All of which have suggested I need to take time off and resort to supplements. Omega-3, Vitamen D, Magnesium, and a probiotic are what has been suggested over and over again in less that a 10min appointment. The Brain Warrior's Podcast shares the wealth of knowledge both Daniel and Tana have which has helped me fully understand the reason WHY I need to take these types of supplements. Along with deeply understanding the long list of problems I have experienced over time. They both seem down-to-earth providers, and coming from Boston I promise you it's very hard to come by. I will be suggesting this to friends, family, and my patients once I am healthy enough to get back on my feet. Thank-you both Daniel and Tana for giving me the power to control my life again, I hope this is only the beginning to changing how we approach health care as providers. BSN, RN from Boston, MA

  • Backed information that you can trust
    by StaciePeterson from United States

    I get so much out of this podcast and love that Dr. Amen and Tana do this together. They both give their take on the scientific backed informtion which helps you gain more than one perspective. I feel like each episode is an appt with the Doctor and the biggest advocates for my health. I learn so much each episode and can't wait to continue to improve my brain and health with their guidance.

  • Ms
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    I love "The Brain Warrier Way" podcasts and I have recommended to my friends. This is very informative in all areas regarding not only brain health but all over health benefits is included in his these podcasts. I have been watching and listening to Dr Amen and his wife on PBS for over 15 years. I always have been interested in the brain and its relationship with our body, health and our spirituality. I believe as many that you are what you eat and your thoughts become your reality, therefore change your eating and your thought process as Dr Amen books guides you to a better, happier and healthier life so you are able to enjoy living a great life as God intended us to. I have Dr Amen's book "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life." I gave his book "Change Your Body, Change Your Life" to a friend who was obese. She ate a lot of sweets and processed foods. I have many friends from church that went on Dr Amen's Daniel Plan for a healthier life. They all lost weight and had high praise for this plan and his books.

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    by Coyotetooth from United States

    I’ve enjoyed the podcasts very much. Some of the terms used as respects areas of the brain are over my head. I have a friend that has gone to Dr. Amen and seems to be very pleased. He recommended the podcast. I’ve enjoyed the variety of topics very much.

  • Changing Your Perspective
    by Pamddddd from United States

    Tana's idea -- you need to control and discipline your thoughts, like an unruly child, makes a whole lot of sense. We disicpline our children and ourselves to get more out of life -- to live a happier life with upgraded outcomes. Replacing thoses negative "ants" with productive positive ones is easier than trying to deny the existence of our negative thoughts -- just like replacing our 'bad' food with better options is easier than denying ourselves pleasure. I think the brain likes good choices and rewards us with happier feelings!

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    I've been following Dr Amen's work for awhile and recently found the podcast. Great information and easy to listen to and remember.

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    This podcast is full of excellent helpful information, and it is inspiring me to live a healthier lifestyle.

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    I have learned a lot and have recommended the site and podcasts of the couple Amen to friends and clients. Now I recommend to business families to go through the process offered by the clinics. And soon I'll be with my whole family too.

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    I have applied many of Dr Amen’s principles to my daily life, which has improved so much over the last year. I appreciate having the podcast as part of my support system to remain a warrior. Thank you both Daniel Amen and Tana Amen. Joan

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    I have just started listening to these, and so far I really love it! Very helpful information, tips, and plain old common sense! Looking forward to continue listening!

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    Just found this podcast and Dr Amen from Dave Asprey. I love the work he is doing and love to listen to these podcasts one thing I noticed is Dr Amen and his wife sometimes talk over each other which can be a little annoyance but other than that I love listening and hopefully I can get a SPECT scan after I save my nickels and dimes, which it doesn’t help that I hot fired from my job recently which I totally contribute to brain fog, headaches, anxiety, etc.

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    Thanks Dr. Amen and Tana—I feel like I am constantly learning so much from both of you. Very thankful for your podcast!

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    Dr. Amen & Tana Amen offer such valuable advice, tips and information that is life changing and critical for every person, individual and family. If you can about yourself and love yourself, you must listen to this podcast.

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    Valuable, practical information in a direct, straightforward format. The Amens have an amazing depth of knowledge on brain physiology and its impact on individual lives. The advice here is down-to-earth, useful and easy to digest. Thank you, Amens!

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    I am a recovering alcoholic and addict out of rehab 4 months ago. I now look to improve and develop myself everyday in every aspect of my life. I had servere head trauma 4 years ago and notice memory recall struggles. I've also been diagnosed with ADHD and depression. I take rydalin for ADHD and prozac for depression. I took interest into nootropics to aid memory, focus, mood, and impulse control. I posted a short (1 min.) video telling about my recovery and drive to improve and I received a comment suggesting this podcast as it had just discussed the association between diet/supplements and recovery. Immediately took interest in the cast and listened to other segments as well only to discover my favorite podcast; outlines the problem and talks about the solution(s), with a bit of banter mixed in. Absolutely love it! Thanks guys!

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    This information is so helpful. It's greatly improving my quality of life!

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    I found Dr. Amen because I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep. I turned on the television and saw his "show" on Public TV. The next day I googled and found this podcast and his books. I've been listening for about 2 months now and enjoy the way the information is provided succinctly and learning more of the background of Dr. Amen and Mrs. Amen. My next step is the cookbook which I haven't ordered yet but is on my list. This is a great podcast for anyone who is interested in keeping their brain healthy and their relationships and overall health!

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    Just started listening to this podcast, thanks to MindBodyGreen, and I absolutely love it! Very informative and now I have to order books! Thank you for all you do!

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    I stumbled onto this podcast after a head injury and learned more from these short audios than any doctor I saw in person. Great resource for anyone who wants to protect their brain or improve performance— and the Amens’ stories are really entertaining.

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    First off a little bit about me. Before discovering Dr. Amen, I was constantly anxious, depressed, and feeling like a general failure in life. I felt like I would never get anywhere in life and just be stuck in a depressed rut for the rest of my life. After discovering Dr. Amen through his books, and this podcast, my life has been transformed. First of all, I have went from feeling extremely anxious and worrying about everything, to being able to manage it to where I maybe have like three very anxious moments a week which I now have the tools to handle. Second, I don't let failure beat me up anymore, I treat it as a motivator to get back off my butt and work harder to handle the situation. Third, I have lost 10 pounds so far, which is not much but I have the mindset to get myself to a healthy weight and eat better. Fourth, you guys have motivated me to want to learn how to become more profitable so I can be successful and live the dream life I want. Lastly, you gave me mindset to want to learn music which is one of my passions, and I have plans to learn it going forward. Thank you Daniel and Tana Amen. You guys have really transformed a once anxious, depressed, person into truly a brain warrior who now feels he can achieve any dream I put my mind and the hard work to. You guys truly perform miracles. Sincerely, Josh G

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    There is always so much to learn from Dr Amen. Thankful I found his information so I can be more mindful of how to keep myself as healthy as possible. Toxin episode was very informative.

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    by Chappy2222 from United States

    I’m suffering from CRPS Type 2 still one year post op ACL reconstruction and I discovered the Amens while searching for answers. Since my nerve damage won’t let me sleep well I listen to nutrition and healing the brain after nerve damage when I wake up at 3am! My Physical therapist told me my brain has been altered from a pain response to trauma and I need to re-train my brain and maybe in 2-5 years the nerve pain and numbness I live with in my leg will heal. Well now I’m convinced I need the Amens!! I highly recommend their wisdom and I’m hopeful for healing. In addition, as a special education teacher for 20 years I’ve always been convinced we can help and treat ADD and ADHD by first looking at the brain and how nutrition is affecting behavior. Highly recommend the cookbooks and nutritional advice. Thank you for all the work you’re doing to help others.

  • Fascinating and Informative
    by AlphaQueen2117 from United States

    I have read just about everything both Dr Amen and Tana Amen have written. Brain health has always been a facinating subject for me. Help me understand why certain people behave in a certain way, be it from bad habits, poor environments, Imbalances. trauma etc... It is wonderful to know that if your brain isn't so healthy, it doesn’t mean that you can get a better and healthier brain at any age. and it is not a one size fits all fix. Including and excluding current modern medicine take on health is not correct. Drugs should not the first choice. Neither should bad habits. Than you Both for providing podcasts so more of us can have a brain warrior's mentality and better longer and happier lives. God Bless.

  • Pure Gold
    by David A Walker from United Kingdom

    Just discovered this podcast. It doesn't just contain golden nuggets of information, every episode I have listened to is pure gold! Absolutely love it! Dr Amen and Tana Amen take what's already a fascinating subject and fill it with practical advice which you can act on immediately to improve the health and function of your brain.

  • I love this...but....
    by kmn1011 from United States

    The only thing that kept me from giving this five stars is that Tana interrupts and talks over Dr. Amen constantly. He seems to be aware, and once she finishes her interrupting statements, he usually picks up where he left off and is able to finish his thought. Her input is also valuable, but not more important than what he is saying. It’s annoying and distracting, but the info is valuable nonetheless.

  • Everybody should hear this!
    by Brain Warrior Rachel from United States

    A fantastic podcast of bite sized insights into the immensely important work of Dr Daniel Amen and his wife Tana. I've been a student for about 20 years when I bought my first copy of Change Your Brain Change Your Life, and it is still a hugely important reference tool for me today! Can't believe that 20 years later, psychiatrists are still not looking at the organ they are supposed to be treating. Dr Amen's work should be part of the curriculum, not just for phychiatrists, but at all schools. Understanding how our brain works and it's impact on our every thought, decision and action - it is life changing. Thank you both for continuing to share this hugely valuable information.

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    by Charlie Fuller from United States

    Every episode is concise and to the point, with both doctors bringing unique perspectives to every discussion. From training your brain to stay sharp, to adjusting your lifestyle to stay healthy in previously unforeseen ways, this podcast is highly recommended. You won't find another one out there that provides the same take on neuroscience.

    by A MUST LISTEN TO!!! from United States

    I have been listening to all of the podcasts, during my commute to and from work! I learned about this podcast, after having listened to the audio version of Dr. Amen's book, "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life". It's so interesting and informative, and the podcast is entertaining too! The banter between Dr. Amen and his wife Tana keeps things light, and entertaining, as well as comfortable, while discussing many difficult or serious topics. They share personal stories, which makes them feel like friends! I highly recommend subscribing to their podcast. I would love to visit one of their clinics!!

  • Healing My Brain
    by Nico83! from United States

    I've known for a long time I have something going on with my brain. I've struggled with depression, anxiety, memory, weight loss... I'm so happy to have found this podcast, I feel like for the first time I've found a group of people who look logically and scientifically at these issues holistically, and consider one of the most important elements of our lives...our diet. I'm looking forward to learning more, and learning ways to improve my brain health and life with the smarts of Dr. Amen and his clan. Thank you all!!!

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    Exciting research and information! Love that it is broken down into usable and easy to understand episodes! Thank you!

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    I am continually amazed how often I listen in and find an exact answer to a question or problem I am facing. Excellent resource and very on target. Thank you.

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    I enjoy the information in the BWW podcasts, however Tana can be a little annoying. She constantly says 'Right' when Daniel is speaking and often interupts Daniel.

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    Dr Amens podcasts are full of great information and for me they serve as reminders for why healthy eating is so important.

  • Wish More Physicians Engaged Here
    by pieceworkjean from United States

    I first heard Daniel Amen on a late-night talk radio show about ten years ago. I bought his book, Healing Anxiety and Depression, and haven't turned back. After removing gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, molluscs, and nightshades from my diet, I've been able to reduce my antidepressant by 60%, and anti anxiety med by 50%. Learn about how your brain works. He and Tana are right: you have to be a warrior to help and protect your brain because our western lifestyle attacks it continually. Tremendously useful and encouraging podcast!

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    This is my top three podcasts! Such insightful information. I deal with obesity and have my own podcast, and I find this information important and you wouldn't be able to find or know where to find. Thank you guys and please keep this podcast going! Appreciate you!

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    by newsurfergirl from United States

    I like how relatable and candid the Amen's are! I have my degree in neuroscience and behavioral biology and everything they discuss is SUPER fascinating! I wish I had an opportunity to work in this field with them.

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    I love love love sharing these podcasts w my clients as they are short, to the point, and touch on such a variety of issues: parenting, CBT, marriage, fitness, etc...thank you!! I can't wait to read (and then probably share!) your new children's book !!!

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    by wagoner00 from United States

    Fantastic information delivered by real people that applies to everyone. I listened on a drive from Sacramento to LA and feel like I was listening to my very smart friends give me advice that I could use and share with my friends and family. I learned more from these podcasts in a few hours than I have in the last year from the books I have read. I especially like the personal nature of the conversations because it connects their work to their lives and sounds genuine. They are really trying to help.

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    This podcast is amazing. They have such a clear way of explaining the topics they cover and making it all make sense. I've learned so much about natural ways I can help myself and my family. Love!

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    by Corporatecowboy from Canada

    I am hooked on your podcast and the information it contains is helping me grow as a person and is improving my health and those around me. Thank you for being so steadfast in your approach and beliefs. I have purchased change your brain and ordered the brain warriors way book and cook book. Keep challenging us do be better to ourselves and those we care about

  • Dr Amen is incredible!
    by Jodi Perez from United States

    I have been following Dr Amen for a couple of years on FB, but didn't know exactly what he did until my friend's son went to his clinic to be treated for migraines. Hey scanned his brain, prescribed natural vitamins to help with the problem areas in his brain, and his migraines have decreased about 75%! I am so happy I found his podcasts! He is so kind to be sharing his knowledge with us!

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    by Jam7jewels from United States

    So many of these facts I already knew in regards to staying healthy, but I never was aware of the connections with the brain. These podcasts are very very helpful!

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    This is new cutting edge information that I have not heard anywhere else. Looking at one's brain structure to find out what's going on - why hasn't anyone thought of this previously! I will go back and listen to all of the podcasts as they are so valuable.

  • Red Dye #30
    by Forneyfosters from United States

    I just heard about you guys and am excited to make a change for my brain and body health. My sister was allergic to MSG and you are right there are so many things that don't list it the same as Red Dye. We have become a society of instant everything and its killing us. My sister had a myriad of health problems her whole life and listening to you both I now can link some of it back to her diet. Keep up the good work.

  • Jo
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    Dr. and Tana Amen are both super knowledgeable and the information they share is always timely and relevant. It's a great podcast!

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    I have recommended this podcast to so many people for its practical teaching. My favorite thing about this podcast is its length. It's not too long. 17-33 minutes is about the perfect amount of time for me to get something from a podcast. I get golden nuggets every day from these two amazing people! Thank you Amens!!

  • Practical Advice
    by SLO__O99 from United States

    Dr. Amen has developed a practical program to apply the principles of his brain spect imaging experience. I would love to see my own brain and see where I can improve, but in the meantime I'll be taking his advice as much as possible. Tana has great advice on how to apply the principles in everyday life.

  • Stay At Home Mom
    by WebberTeal from United States

    Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen provide much needed information on coping with the loss of someone you love and deeply care about. They also incorporate the view Byron Katie shares regarding the importance of expressing your feelings. Confront the thoughts that come up. Journaling helps. Stay connected and avoid social isolation. Learn to cherish each moment. Great advice! Thanks so much.

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    by victoriasquare from United States

    Great tips for optimum use of your brain.

  • Future Spect Patient
    by MirandaBond from United States

    Really enjoy the variety of topics discussed. Am currently scheduled to receive Brain Spect Imaging. I am learning so much about the Amen Clinic treatment philosophy lestening to these PodCasts. Thank you Tana and Dr. Amen for providing this valuable service to those of us that truly are in need.

  • What Tony Robbins taught
    by LAagaard from United States

    Loved the modeling and inclusion of familyas part of your path, by holding space for Chloe you were able to grow as a family! It is greatto be reminded that it is important to intentionallly purpose a review of our own belief systems and how we have posibly shifted our languaging to be fear based verses abundance based.

  • The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast
    by Golden Andy from United States

    Love Dr. Amen and Tana Amen - relevant, precise, and very useful information. Straight to the point and alwas great practical advise. They are sincere care givers and have so much to offer. A must listen!

  • Cutting Edge Medical Information
    by Pilot’s wife from Canada

    Dr Amen is probably one of the most brilliant minds in the world in area of brain research and Neuroplasticity. He understands how to help those who suffer from any brain related disease or trauma. This is first site I jump to when I've got questions about brain related issues. I only wish his clinics were more accessible. I live in Canada and this type of research and treatment simply isn't done here, so I have no accessibility to services. I had brain trauma 30 years ago and have lived with this more than half my life. If I would have had proper treatment I can only imagine the strides in life I could have taken. I watch others waste away because our medical system pushes people like me out of the way. I pray for the next generation and marvel at the possibilities at what they will achieve because of technologies like this.

  • The brain warriors way
    by akeofmwkelfndja from United States

    I love this show. It has confirmed for me the good things that I do for myself are working. I have a clear head. I feel wonderful and I am more positive!!! I rock!

  • From A Skeptic Heart To A Grateful And Believing Heart
    by jscotty3 from United States

    I've done a lot of research the last few years and so far I feel like I can Trust Dr Amen and his wife's the most. As I listen I feel like they truly want to help people because they know the depth of what it is like to suffer from poor brain health. I'm a student on my own financially and can't afford to attend the clinic, but whenever I listen (even with my cautious mind) I feel empowered that I can change my brain health which will ultimately affect the rest of my life. I don't feel like they do this to get people to come to their clinic. I'm starting to believe that they do this to truly help educate people to provide them opportunities to gain freedom over their health. I'm super grateful I found this research and these amazing people. 🙂

  • We LOVE the Brain Warrior Podcast!
    by Janet&Rich from United States

    My husband and I love listening to Daniel and Tana Amen. They are a fantastic team and provide great information on brain health. They are always fun and interesting to listen to. We love Daniel's great sense of humor (on the podcast as well as when he speaks in other venues). We also love to listen to Tana. She provides very practical, usable information and cuts right to the chase. We have learned so much from listening to them (even though I have been practicing healthy habits for many decades). I just turned 60 and I am now bringing my brain and body health to a whole new level. And, at age 65, my husband is finally getting on board in starting to have "brain envy" and taking some steps to live a brain healthy life (he is even going for an evaluation and spect scan at one of the Amen clinics later this month). We are very grateful to both of you. Thanks for the tremendous difference you are making in our lives!

    by BIGBRAINJEN from United States

    I love the Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen, RN. I have all of their PBS videos, BW Way book and one of Tana's books. I can't imagine following any other health regimen because the Amens have the facts and a wealth of knowledge to steer us all in the right direction when it comes to our overall health including our brain health, of course. TOP QUALITY education. Good people.

  • Excellent information for living a healthy joyful life
    by barbara154 from United States

    These podcasts contain quite a bit of helpful information to help all of us enjoy our lives. Their desire for us to be healthy and happy in life shines through their conversations. They are honest in that it takes a decision on our part to do the work, but they also demonstrate the rewards!

  • Love this podcast - from a mom of a kid with ASD
    by Efeathr from United States

    After doing lots of research for my son who is 8 recovering from ASD, I found this awesome podcast. It compliments well our regimen in aiding his recovery. Thanks Dr. and Tana Amen. We will to come in to your clinic sometime in the next year. We are saving up! Thanks Erin Mom of 8 year old ASD recovery son

  • Knowledge bombs in layman!
    by Intermediate ELO from United States

    Wow! Dr. Amen and Tana Amen are an amazing team who are able to take their combined incredible knowledge and package it up in to quick 15 minute podcasts that are easy to understand. As a father of a 4 and 5 year old I really appreciate that they also bring parenting topics in on occasion. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to not only making my brain and life better, but also my family's!

  • So Extremely Helpful
    by SKBrazil from United States

    We really appreciate it when Dr. Amen quotes established scientific research. We are missionaries serving outside the US, but have spread the word to many friends across the sea. We would love to get a visit to the Amen clinics on one of our visits home!

  • Very Informative and solutions are given
    by acefarat from United States

    This topic hits home for me. I am on disability due to quite a few mental disorders. I also have long term marijuana use. In addition I've used other drugs lsd, mushrooms, pills. I'm convinced my brain is dead. I wish I had the money to go to an Amen Clinic to get insight and real solutions to help improve brain function. Maybe one day, but I'm so thankful to have an opportunity to even listen to Dr. Amen's research and some ways to try to get well.

  • Reliable, relatable and relevant!
    by Amy VanSlam from United States

    Dr Amen and Tana's expertise, Personal experiences and professional prowess make this a health podcast they stands out in the multitude of those available. I know I can completely trust what they're recommending; that they understand many of my struggles and that they stay current with the pertinent issues of today's leading health research and how it applies to the lives of their listeners and patients.

  • Profound, insightful, actionable information
    by bethanneena from Canada

    The knowledge shared here is helpful for anyone in any stage of life. Each one of us has the ability to craft our own lives into something more beautiful. Here are tools we can use to create that better life.

  • Thank you Dr. Amen
    by CustomerLori from United States

    I was diagnosed later in life and listening to your podcasts help me take a break to help myself. Thank you to you & your wife for providing these. Being someone how sees the world differently...& in a household of ADHDers, much appreciated!

  • Great information that is easy to apply to your life!!
    by Shannnon Dooley from United States

    I love listening to Tana and Daniel. I first learned about Dr. Amen through the Daniel plan, but the more I listened to his work in the Amen clinics, the more I was impressed. Couple with Tana, who makes everything so easy to apply to a busy life, I really got hooked to their advice. I have struggled with depression and an eating disorder and have found complete relief in their plans. Cutting out sugar and carbs and processed food was certainly difficult, but it has changed my life. My whole family struggles with weight, heart disease, anxiety, and depression, and I pray everyday that this information will resonate with them as much as it did for me. I truly believe it is possible to change your brain and am committed to make the most of my life and my brain by treating my body in a way that optimizes my health. God put everything on this earth that we need to be healthy, and really, at the heart of the brain warrior diet, it is truly that simple-- just eat Gods food, and you will look and feel better!!

  • Just what I need
    by annmccormick from United States

    Tara and Daniel Amen talk about changing habits in a way that lets me know I can do it.

  • Very interesting and useful
    by K3Kt from United States

    I realize it is so important to take care of my brain so I need constant encouragement. I find listening to this podcast keeps taking care of my brain top-of-mind, so to speak. I'm going through all the back episodes and keeping up with the new ones. I just wish they were longer

  • Great Ted Talk led me to this Great Podcast
    by JJ viewer from United States

    I watched a great TED talk about lessons learned from 83,000 brain scans. It was so interesting! I found this podcast to learn more, and I'm not disappointed. It applies technology and medicine to practical life. As someone who loves to learn without boredom, I'm hooked!

  • Perspective switch
    by caromax28 from United States

    I couldn't figure out what was plaguing our relationship until I heard Dr. Amen speak about brain health, now I'm hooked. I am determined to find a way to help my family thrive, thanks for the unlock.

  • Great podcast
    by Sarah1881 from Canada

    A therapist shared with me the work of Dr. Amen some months ago. I did his online quiz and I am a "brain #9". Following his advice has helped me enormously. I also bought a membership for the brainfit website. I thank both Tana and Dr. Amen for showing us with this podcast a better way to live life.

  • Great Info on Sending kids to college!
    by Big Macdeezy from United States

    As a mom of 3 college-age kids, I really appreciate the info on keeping kids closer to home rather than sendig them off to college. It just confirms my gut feeling that they aren't ready to handle to responsibilities and temptationsof college life.

  • Love the podcast
    by Luv2sve from United States

    My mother turned me onto this podcast and I'm so glad she did. I have their books, which have taught me so much about brain health. I now have brain envy for myself and my entire family. Would love my next step to be a SPECT scan. ❤️

  • Absolutely Life Changing
    by Jbglam from United States

    I hear Dr.Amen on a Chalene Johnsons podcast and immediately started to search for as much information I could find as his knowledge was exactly what my body needs! I am ecstatic to find this podcast as it is filled with life changing science broken down in terms that make sense and leave me feeling empowered. I hope to get to the Amen clinic someday and get help with my brain! I struggle with add/anxiety/depression that has limited my family as I have a very hard time traveling due to my anxiety. With the knowledge from this podcast I know I can make improvements in my life! Thank you for all the lives you are changing!

  • I love Dr. Amen's work!
    by Brandy Preston from United States

    I love this podcast! I have followed Dr. Amen's work since the early days of PBS specials. I am a functional medicine nurse practitioner and have incorporated his methods into my practice over the years. Thank you to the Amens for bringing your information to the world in this format!

    by BRaiBuck from United States

    I can't get enough of this podcast! THANK YOU!

  • VERY IMPORTANT information
    by Iamawarrior2 from United States

    Very well and detailed explanation for someone who suffered from depression. I have learned so much. I appreciated Tana's testimony as it's so difficult to talk about mental health issues.

    by mpizzlex from United States

    I have suffered anxiety for pretty much all my life. I was on SSRI's for about 2 years that was over 9 years ago and I have been able to control my anxiety since. Until Recently! About a year ago the anxiety got bad. It almost seems to present in different way and I really do not want to be medicated again. I saw Dr. Amen on a clip talking about brain spect imaging and was fascinated! I bought his book and started listening to this podcast. This podcast is such an amazing wealth of knowledge. I can't get enough. I'm hoping to apply all this knowledge to my life to help keep me off medications and keep me healthy. I would love to one day get a brain spect to pin point the place in my brain that I need to focus on for a healthier me ❤️ I am slowly becoming obsessed with brain health. Thanks for providing all this knowledge to the world.

  • Fascinating Health and Wellness information
    by Shy1Tina from United States

    first ever public review. Everything about this podcast is fascinating - because everything about us is interconnected. So many of us just never tune in and realize it. Thank you for putting your research out there - it's helped me get my 22-yr old son and his Dad on board for testing and find out his struggles weren't just ADD, but TBI as well. So, so helpful!

  • A MUST Listen to Keep a Warrior on Track
    by Chris Mundy from United States

    This is a great channel especially for a Brain Warrior who is just starting out. If you've been involved in the program for awhile, some episodes might tell you things you've already heard, but lots of interviews with experts give you different perspectives and stories. As a college student constantly struggling to stay on track, this is a great tool to listen on the go and keep me focused. College life in general is about as far from the warrior lifestyle as you can get, I listen to these on the go to help me stay focused on my goals.

  • My son!
    by Momma541 from United States

    I have just recently heard of this. My son has some pretty severe issues, we are looking to get him checked out as soon as we can. Thank you for the information!

  • Life changing
    by varakyr from United States

    I love this!

  • Awesome
    by Thecaptain5 from United States

    It was so good to hear that I am not the only one who hates watching violence on the news. It's much easier to watch violence in a movie because it's fiction.

  • Changed my views on health!
    by Dav Moore from United States

    I love Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen! I look forward to their podcasts every week. Each episode l learn new things to apply to my life for a longer life. I would choose a brain scan with them over an all expense paid vacation!!! Thank you and God bless you guys for all you do! -Ali Moore

  • So helpful
    by Neb72 from United States

    After suffering a concussion sailing last year, I found Change you Brain, Change your Life and commenced my recovery. I can point to that book as the reason I was able to recover and sustain my career and family. When I was turned on to podcasts recently the first one I looked up was Dr. Amen to see if he had one and I am glad I did. I love the array of topics and look forward to them coming in. I was not able to get a scan and still wonder if I am really recovered (I think my wife does also) but hope that someday this becomes practice and there could be a lot less guessing on getting our brains back and healthiest! Thanks for the work you do! Rich

  • Informative & Engaging
    by Mommaberna from United States

    This podcast has helped me learn so much about how to take charge of my brain health. As a stroke survivor, I need all the help I can get to help heal my broken brain. I find the information they share is so very helpful. From nutrition to supplements, the info they share is invaluable. Dr. Amen's guests keep the show fresh and informative. One criticism I have is how often Tana Amen gushes about their daughter. She makes it sound as if her daughter is perfect! Tana has a tendency to interrupt guest to point out how great Chloe is.

  • Hopeful!
    by hopeliveforgiveness from United States

    This podcast provides hope for anyone who thinks they have no future because of addiction or mental illness.

  • Very Interesting
    by Matt Barham from United States

    Just discovered this podcast. The Amens seem to really care about helping people. They present a lot of good information about the brian. So far my favorite episode is about vampires and zombies! Look forward to hearing more.

  • So valuable
    by Ksdfp from United States

    I have already been enlighted by the Amen books and DVDs. I truly enjoy this podcast. I have an interest in learning more about the brain and the way food and our environment affect our health and behavior. I have just signed up for the podcast and I have only started to listen, but I am hoping it keeps me informed.

  • I didn't know what I didn't know
    by Don1225 from United States

    I first saw the Amens on PBS. It caught my attention. I was the typical guy. Drinking, eating poor foods once in a while. I purchased their program and am so happy I did. I have made my intention to get off alcohol for good. I am 68. I've been "that guy" too often. Lost 18 pounds. Nothing hurts. I am grateful to both the Amens for making my life even better. And I live a great life. But they increased the good side of life

  • The Brain Warriors Way
    by Darci Kae from United States

    Excellent information! Love the formats!!!!!

  • Can a Damaged Brain Be Healed?
    by Chtsu from United States

    Giving Hope! Even the question itself is inspiring! The hippocampus CAN grow more neurons. A patient's hippocampus was only 4% of what it should have been. The patient got "brain envy," & serious. A year later it had increased to 40%. And some NFL players, who had brain injury, went on the program, and 80% of them showed improvement. Emphasizing the importance of some lifestyle changes, Dr. Amen answers the Question with a resounding : "Yes!" Your brain Can change.

  • Very motivating and informative
    by Wordgirl4728 from United States

    I love Dr. Amen and his healthy approach to mental health. I'm not a lover of medication but have been taking them for ADHD and Anxiety for a while. After listening to and implementing his recommendations, getting the supplements suggested for my brain type I no longer have a need for my prescribed medications. I do wish that Tana Amen would go through some conversation coaching. She rudely interrupts and talks over Dr. Amen and the other guests and when she talks it is very self centered. I honestly wish she wasn't a part of the podcast.

  • One of the Best
    by jgkunkle from United States

    The Brain Warrior's Way is one of my regular go-to podcasts that I listen to on my daily morning walks. It is always interesting, inspiring and educational. Daniel and Tana Amen are awesome.

  • Love this man
    by gg.gtz from United States

    I first saw Dr. Aman on Public Television and read his book Change your brain Change your life. Also read his book the Aman Solution for weight loss. Very natural solution to my ADD PROBLEM, love the solutions.

  • fantastic unbelievable life changing podcasts
    by Mario Al. from United States

    these podcasts have open my eyes to our world of brain health. Great,imformative podcasts for everyone to hear & understand. I feel like a dark cloud has been lifted and the sun is shining bright with hope forever. i can't get enough of Dr Daniel & Tana Amen!!!!! Mario Alers

  • Brain Warrior = Better Life
    by Delta2006 from United States

    The Amens pack their short podcasts with information to improve brain health, which is probably the most overlooked, but most important part of healthcare. Change your brain, change your life!

  • Love the podcast!
    by XrayDean from United States

    Thank you for the great information and the guidance to help me. As a TBI survivor and a previously severely obese man, I have learned greatly from your knowledge.

  • Great info!
    by bexywoods from United States

    I am super concerned about brain health having 2 rare Alzheimer's genes and I'm hoping to take all the great information that is provided on this podcast to improve my brain health and prevent (or repair!) and damage as I age. There are so many great topics that they cover about things that can positively or negatively impact the brain! One day I hope to get my brain scanned and see how it changes over time.

  • Such invaluable information!
    by Really Organic from United States

    I am so impressed with this Podcast and the work of Dr. Daniel and TAna Amen and the Amen Clinic. I have been telling EVERYONE that i know about their work. The Podcast I just listened to about healing with oxygen was so moving and incredible. It gives hope that healing is possible no matter what. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING AND GETTING THE WORD OUT THERE about brain health and how to heal.

  • A fantastic feast of knowledge
    by SteveN6ST from United States

    If you listen to only one podcast, this should be the one for your brain. The information delivered is very valuable to give you a way to improve your brain. There are frequently guests on the podcast who talk in detail about their speciality to improve your brain.

  • A Deeper Dive
    by Deborahdvs from United States

    I've read the book, watched the videos, and now have listened to the podcasts. This podcast puts it all together and allows you to understand how to use different techniques in your brain healing and health. I listen to it every morning. Thank you.

  • Can imaging lead to better diagnoses for Autism w/Lisa Ackerman
    by jrt0111 from United States

    I commend you Dr Amen and Tana for talking about Autism. I also want to commend Lisa Ackerman for sharing her and her son's struggles and for founding TACA. Vaccines are a lightning rod subject and not an easy one to discuss without getting slammed by Big Pharma and those that I like to call "The Herd." I've read about many parents whose children were vibrant, bright little kids BEFORE the MMR vaccine. Of course, not all children have the same reactions. Thank you again for tackling this subject.

  • Great Resource for Educators!
    by LKH907 from United States

    As a classroom teacher and elementary principal for the past 26 years, this podcast has been the best resource I've run across! I originally began listening to the podcast for personal reasons. I have an 18 year-old son diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety and Autism. After listening to one podcast, I realized what a great resource it was for educational professionals. I've shared this resource with numerous families this past year as they struggle to help their child(ren) diagnosed, and sometimes not diagnosed yet, with ADHD, Anxiety and Autism. Thank you Daniel and Tana for the work you do and for providing this invaluable resource. It has changed my life both personally and professionally. I look forward to listening to it every day.

  • ADD and ADHD Myth Busters and Questions&Answers
    by Sleekskin from United States

    As a mother of an adult son diagnosed with ADHD 35 years ago, this was a very educational podcast. As we are getting ready to go the Amen clinic for the first time and get my son 's brain scan done, I was in total agreement with the viewpoint of Dr. Amen when he said"You can't change what you can't measure". I wanted to shout "Amen!" (pardon the pun). All these years I have felt that it was just "shots in the dark" trying to help our son navigate his"disability". As a believer in the power of good nutrition for brain health, I also loved the knowledge that Dr. Amen and his wife Tana shared. The Q & A touched on some interesting things. Well worth a listen!

  • Fascinating information!
    by Dr. Mom with ADHD and anxiety from United States

    I am learning so many pearls of wisdom to better my life and brain health, and to share with my patients, friends and family. The Amens and their guests are both educational and entertaining at the same time. These podcast are well worth your time! You won't regret listening to them!

  • Educator
    by Paula Graham from United States

    These interviews are inviting, informational, and thought provoking. The simplicity of adding simple behaviors over time to your daily routine. This is a very practical apporach to developing positive behaviors.

  • Love this podcast and I'm grateful for it
    by Rluna1@NYC from United States

    I learned about Dr. Amen through another psychiatrist. First, I used his online store to buy supplements and vitamins and felt very happy with them. Then I learned about the deep work he has been doing with the brain and because I have been following the development of brain science, I began to appreciate him even more. His podcast are so informative and practical. I feel very well informed.

  • Great information and hope!
    by MH.521 from United States

    I've been tuning into their podcast now for a little while and it's not only been very informative, but also very inspirational and empowering! Ever since my concussion I've been seeking out many natural suppliments and diet changes to help my recovery. Dr. Amen and Tana Amen's podcasts have been instrumental in helping manifest positive change in my mental health and well being! I look forward to listening to more podcasts and consider both of them partners in my recovery.

  • A wealth of information!
    by craboyd from United States

    I have learned a lot of valuable information! My 16 year old daughter deals with ADHD, anxiety, depression and at times suicidal thoughts. This podcast had been very helpful and given me great tools as I work to help her.

  • Love hearing this! Timely and encouraging!
    by gluten free mom from United States

    Gives me great hope for the future as it was looking so bleak. My mother has dementia/Alzheimers and is in the later stages. At least for rest of us there are changes that can be made now. Even with her I'd love to institute changes to see if it helps.

  • So much great information!
    by Kim, Seattle area from United States

    My therapist recommended that I look into Dr. Amen's work. The Brain Warriors Way podcast is the first thing I choose to listen to while running errands in the car. Dr. Daniel Amen and his wife, Tana, speak openly and informatively on issues such as anxiety and depression and give ideas based on research on how to manage thoughts and behaviors. They discuss a wide variety of other topics as it relates to brain health such as ADD in adults and children, marijuana and substance use, nutrition/supplements, etc. Any person at any stage in life can benefit from listening to Dr. Amen & his wife's ideas, whether it is for themselves or someone in their life. It's nice to get reliable information based on research, and I find their style to be validating and encouraging rather than authoritative. It's like getting to hear the personal conversations a doctor has at home on various topics. Definitely give it a listen! Thanks Dr. Amen & Tana! ~Kim, Seattle area

  • Bite size nuggets of truth
    by the_metalmaiden from United States

    Short podcasts on specific topics and themes bring you information about how to deal with all types of things life presents all to persue a healthier, happier, smarter life for you and your family. Topics on food, diseases, sleep, relationships, supplements, and so much more. You owe to yourself to check out this podcast!

  • Love this podcast!
    by Gold Medal Momma from United States

    I have always been interested in brain health and have read many of Daniel Amen's books...but listening to Daniel and Tana by podcast is not only informative, it is entertaining as well. I love how they interact on air and when I heard that Tana never saw a cabinet door she liked to close I was hooked! Thank you both!

  • A Little at a Time
    by millennia70 from United States

    Being a life-long learner, I find Dr. Amen and his wife, Tanya, utterly absorbing. A little information at a time, I am applying what they teach, in order to improve my life, and the lives of my children.

  • Enormous Peace of Mind
    by scouty37 from United States

    I've recently come to sadly recognize the degree to which my life has been significantly affected by the effects of ADD and anxiety. "The Mental Illness Happy Hour" podcast helped me to let go of the shame and sense of failure, and this podcast has taught me that there are practical and scientifically proven brain enhancement tools. I hope that other podcast fans with similarly treatable brain inefficiencies discover the peace of mind that flows when you discover you CAN change the way your brain works. 🙂

  • Exceptional
    by LRH1of5 from United States

    Thank you for The Brain Warriors Way Podcast. I have been listening for a few months now and the information you provide is invaluable.

  • Life Changing
    by Tiffany1842 from United States

    I can't believe how much Dr. Daniel & Tana Amen have changed my life already!! I would love the opportunity to work with them personally, but I'm so thankful for the free information they share on both their website & these podcasts. I always take something away from these podcasts!

  • Incredible Interesting Guests
    by Alvinw8888 from United States

    I am always impressed by the clear and useful health information that Daniel and Tana present, but I'm wow'ed by this podcast and the incredible guests, many of who are subject experts, that have expanded my personal health knowledge! I've since purchased several books authored by the varied guests on the podcast and have always found even more useful knowledge that I can put into practice to improve my own health. Thanks again for being so there for all of us Brain Warriors!!

  • Awesome Podcast
    by Brooke Craven from United States

    Dr. Daniel and Tara Amen, hosts of The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast, highlight all aspects of fitness and nutrition in this can't miss podcast. The hosts and their expert guests offer insightful and inspirational advice to help you live a healthier and happier life!

  • Life Changing
    by Doley25 from Ireland

    Biology impacts psycholgoy and psychology impacts brain biology! This podcast comes full circle and covers all aspects of life and ultimately how they are interlinked, our health effects our thinking, our thinking effects our health, our nutrition effects our mood, our moods effect our relationships which in turn effect our cognitive health. Listning to Daniel, Tana and all their guests facilitates staying up to date and informed on modern resarch and the impact of our day to day actions and habits and how they impact our life. 5 stars! Can't wait to learn more. Thanks guys, Eoin

  • Changed my perspective on many health issues I struggle with
    by Loud Feedback from United States

    This is a highly informative podcast led by leaders in the brain health and lifestyle fields. It's a must listen for people who are looking for a new perspective on how to treat their afflictions.

  • Learn to love your brain
    by amysthename73 from United States

    I love the tips I have picked up from listening to Dr Amen, Tana Amen,and guests. The series with Dr Mark Houston has been my absolute favorite thus far. Must listen, must share! I appreciate the fact that the language is okay for my 10 year old son to hear. I play the podcasts on the way to school, and we both pick up so many helpful nutrition tips. My son tends to be so much more compliant when he hears the tips from Dr Amen and Tana, rather than from me. I would be thrilled to scan his brain, to iron out his ADHD struggle.

  • Best brain health podcast out there
    by ruben@guirre from United States

    I learned a lot from this podcast for my own brain health, this is for sure the best podcast out there to learn all about the brain and how to help your self or others with there health problems or be healthy to avoid problems in your future. I also left a comment on the latest YouTube video for my entry to win the evaluation.

  • Great Podcast for ALL
    by The stricken who likes cheese from United States

    I love this Podcast. I only wish it were a bit longer to really get more information out of it. However, the short podcast can be a nice appetizerfor topics I can later research. Love that this program is family oriented and as a SAHM I find so many of your podcasts relevent to my family and parenting my teenage kids. I have recommended your podcast to so many people.I recently enjoyed the episode with the voice coach, Roger Love . One topic that I would be interested in is Kids and Smart phone safety.

  • If you are serious about your health listen to this podcast
    by Ccanei from United States

    I have listened to every podcast and learn something new every time. I love the them that we are in a battle for our heatlh. This is a podcast for those who want to explore peak brain performance and ways to reclaim their health. So far the guest speakers have been outstanding, although sometimes its kinda hard to hear the audio of the guest. Keep up the great work!

  • The Brain Warrior's Way
    by KootenayJC from Canada

    As an individual in later life, after a career, it is important to me to be able to live a full and brainful existance for the remainder. I look forward to trying to arrange a scan and adjust my thoughts and body to an enjoyable lively remainder. CM

  • Wealth of Information
    by Bikeflea from United States

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. And Tana Aman at a John Townsend event at Concordia University earlier this year. Dr Aman gave a very interesting lectur about brain health and more. I purchased the book and cookbook for The Brain Warriors Way and have had great results improving brain clarity and focusing on nutrition. I now have brain envy and can't wait to schedule a visit to the clinic. I love this podcast! It brings a variety of health related topics that I can listen to easily. The Amans are passionate about helping people and their podcasts are easy to fit into a busy schedule. You have no reason not to listen. I promise you, you'll learn something new that will enhance your life. If you happen to know it all then I promise you'll be entertained by the Amans as they are very funny and engaging speakers.

  • Ms
    by Michelle Jes from United States

    I listen to every podcast and enjoy and embrace each one. Some are more relevant than others to my life. I was looking forward to a recent one titled Adult Kids - Tips for Parenting a Young Adult. I love both Dr. Amen and Tana but need to say in a couple of episodes especially this one Tana takes over and seems to want validation for her own parenting. Their daughter is 13 and doesn't fit into the profile of the title of this episode. I was looking for direction of my college son and the conversation was dominated about how she is raising a 13 year old. My 20 year old son is successful in college but I was looking for tips of things I might have missed. I just wanted to point out to look at the larger audience. I respect you both and appreciate your efforts to improve the mental and physical health of everyone.

  • Thanks
    by copperkathie from United States

    For all the great information!

  • Very Informative
    by Kimturnersmith from United States

    I have been listening for a month or more now and find virtually every episode very interesting and informative about the integration of health not just cranial care. The body is so dynamic, it stands to reason a holistic approach is necessary. Dr. Amen, unlike other doctors giving advice, uses clinical experiences as a guide and is quick to point out there is no "one size" fits all solution. I especially appreciate his approach of using natural and dietary solutions before pharmaceuticals. We all must champion our own health and find strategies to address issues which are unique based on our body as a holistic system. Dr. Amen consistently makes that point and continuously seeks new research and strategies to share.

  • Very helpful in trying to figure issues out with my family and I
    by Winnie Jo Van from United States

    After listining to some of these podcast and reading Dr. Amen's book I understand how some of my loved ones and I are struggling with issues after accidents that may have caused brain issues. Thank you for these pods cast.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by AJMase from United States

    Being resistant as I am to embracing new technologies that change faster than I can learn about them, I finally broke down and listened to my first BWW podcast 2 days ago. I became an instant addict, greedy for more and more eye opening information, and continued to listen to podcast after podcast. Each and every one seems relevant, helpful and timely to either myself or someone I know and care about. The delightful banter between Dr. Amen + Tana injected into the episodes makes them entertaining as well. For the skeptics out there, these brief podcasts are just the starting point for you to delve further into the topics presented and learn more on your own. Knowledge is power. The Amens aim simply to bring information to your attention. It's up to you to commit to applying it in order to benefit from it.

  • Awesome
    by Mama bear Shan from United States

    Thank you for continually educating us with these phenominal pod casts. You keep me on track with my health daily.

  • Brain warrior
    by HarmonyJr. from Canada

    I love listening to you Dr Amen and your team! Your inspired research is truth to me , it came at at the most needed time in our lives. I want to tell you that you have blessed our lives , and we're deeply grateful !

  • I love it
    by tina_boga from United States

    It's amazing how they can change the way you think about everything, food, love, meditation. There is nothing more important than your body and mind.

  • Open a clinic in Austin, TX
    by Kkristynik from United States

    I'm enjoying listening and learning from your podcasts. I truly find your brain discoveries so intriguing. I look forward to the day that my family heads to your clinic to improve our health. Thank you and your wife for what you do.

  • So easy to listen to and full of great info
    by Eminem Hero 1000000000 from United States

    I enjoy listening to this podcast while on walks or doing things around the house. They are short enough that you can get through each one quickly, while still packed with great information.

  • Mrs
    by Normiux778 from United States

    I started listening today and I have learned too much information on how to help my kids .

  • I love their knowledge
    by Naomiroberts11 from Canada

    I love this couple so much, I first learned of Dr. Daniel Amen through one of Brendon Burchard's high performance impact academy. I really was very intrigued and I then developed brain envy and I had to learn more. I love learning what foods help my diet and my families diet. My families diet and their brains I most want to help because at the moment they are the ones still eating sugar filled food. So learning and then serving is my main focus. I would love to get a SPECT scan and get my daughter scanned as well. I'm excited to learn through this podcast. I love watching their YouTube videos as well.

  • Life changing!
    by Lauren Fickel from United States

    After suffering from a couple concussions when I was younger, Tana and Dr. Amen's teaching have been life changing for me. I couldn't, and wouldn't want to, imagine where I would be without them.

  • Healthy Fats You Need in your Diet
    by FannyPack1485 from United States

    I like how the podcast is short and to the point! It's good to know that you should not cook with olive oil because so many people act like it's okay to cook with it.

  • Thank you guys!
    by BrandonCordoba from United States

    For the great information & the decades of dedication to helping others!

  • Refreshing. Comforting. Reaffirming.
    by Mariemsw from United States

    As a 60-year old female, I have less years ahead of me than behind me. Dr. Amen & Tana have taught me that my inattentive ADD is a factor in my underperformance in many areas of life. Their engaging, informative approach has been an inspiration & gives concrete tools to do better in life.

  • Ms
    by JennReyno from United States

    I did the Brain Warrior's Way last year and loved it. Life changing! Thank you for continuing with the podcast!

  • Very helpful information
    by ChantelleL from United States

    I love listening to the podcasts as part of my daily routine! It helps me to stay focused on reaching my goals and becoming the healthiest/best version of me possible. I absolutely loved today's episode on finding your voice! Thank you, Dr Amen and Tana!

  • HS aides
    by Clnewey from United States

    25yr night shift nurse. Many things were a reminder, many are new facts to me. Thanks so much.

  • Mother and Educator
    by Rachael508 from United States

    I absolutely love each podcast. It's an amazing substitute to listen to in the car rather than trash talk on the radio. The topics are helpful reminders to stay happy and healthy. Thank you!!

  • Sleep and the Brain
    by MHaroldCook from United States

    As usual, the Amens deliver proof of the detrimental effects of poor sleep and offer a concise and on target strategy for optimizing it. As the spouse to a perpetual snorer and children who didn't sleep through the night until the age of 9 (night terrors and sleepwalking), I have felt the effects of not getting my "8". Well done!

  • On the right track and helpful
    by IronMal from United States

    I'm in the process of completing the audio versio of "Change Your Brain Change Your Life". At age 55, I only wish I had this information decades ago. In combination with "Forks Over Knives" and "How Not To Die", I became a vegan a year ago and dropped 40 pounds... I got off Prilosec which I had been on for 25 years, and I got of Statins which I had been on for 5 or 6 years. These podcasts are interesting and easy to fit into my schedule every once in a while. I only gave it a 4 instead of a 5 because I didn't want to imply perfection here... lol. These are nice motivating informative podcasts. Cheers -

  • Love This Podcast!!!
    by Melplays from United States

    I have learned so much valuable information from this podcast. I would absolutely love to visit the Amen Clinic to see what the doctors say about my brain. I have some scary things going on and nobody seems to be able to do anything except prescribe meds that don't seem to help. I'm not against medicine but I try my hardest to go the natural route first. Listening to Daniel and Tana Amen has given me new hope for finding answers to my brain!

  • Podcast
    by Segnem5 from United States

    Great information... I wish I had this information 20 years ago! Better late than never. Thank you.

  • Interesting Topics
    by LitwinGal from United States

    I appreciate the variety of topics covered in this podcast in a succinct amount of time. The guest speakers and Dr. and Mrs. Amen provide straightforward approaches to how people can realistically take control of their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

  • Fascinating and always informative
    by 237-015-319 from United States

    I am always excited each time a daily episode is released. Very informative and some life changing ideas for your long term health. Appreciate the insight.

  • The Brain Warriors Way of living is blessing my family!
    by K.S. and Family from United States

    I recently discovered Dr. Amen and Tana's health information and have been amazed at the marked positive difference I am seeing in my husband and kids, particularly my oldest son who struggles greatly with ADHD issues. We've been gluten and dairy free for a few years and only noticed slight improvements in his focus and behavior, but when we learned to make some tweaks to what we where eating and add in more of the good healthy fats and proteins, especially Tana's superfood smoothies every morning, we saw our son's focus go way up! He can actually stay caught up on his work at school and finish his homework quickly! He is also happier, more positive in general, and will actually joke with us now. I just got a couple of Tana's cook books and have been testing them out on my family with much yummy success. There's always plenty to learn with refinements here and there, so needless to say I really enjoy all their helpful tips on these podcasts!

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    by Veronica Combs from United States

    I love listening to these podcasts... I've been sharing this information with my family especially as I see them struggle with their health. So far I have been making decisions like a sheep dog, less like a sheep. I will keep at this because I feel better and it's wonderful to see the impact it's having on my family, just by watching how my better choices are making such a difference. My husband says my example is encouraging him. I highly recommend this podcast!

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    I LOVE listening to Daniel & Tana Amen on their Podcasts. I feel so positive and inspired afterwards, learning so much about diet and habits that affect the brain. I listen in my car, while exercising and at any opportunity I can, so glad there are so many podcasts produced.

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    by CB8755FL7 from United States

    The content itself is pretty good and it's helped me change my eating habits. Some of the things they say leave me skeptical though. What's annoying is when they have a guest speaker, since it always sounds like they're Skyped-in via dial-up connection. The sound quality is unbearable then.

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    by JBC1356 from United States

    I really apreciate the information that is shared. It's encouraging to keep on the path to brain health. It's also reminds me to have compassion for myself and anyone who deals with ADD, Focus issues and brain injuries. Keep it up!!

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    I watched this particular podcast with my husband. We have experienced greater difficulty communicating successfully in the past. I found the information very appropriate to our problem. Thank you for the practical examples for change for the betterment of our marriage and for the encouraging way it was presented. The brain warrior truly has helped us understand the diagnosis better and we will continue to chase a healthier lifestyle because of it.

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    by Ibedi1 from United States

    There is great information in this podcast about natural ways to improve your brain health and overall health. I have only one complaint: in the podcast about overcoming ANTS (or automatic negative thoughts), Dr. Amen says HE developed several categories of ANTS. This is from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and I learned about it in the book Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns 36 years ago, so I believe Dr. Amen did not develop the theory of ANTS. It was very disturbing to me that he would lay claim to someone else's work and has put a dark cloud over these podcasts for me. It makes me sad because otherwise I think these podcasts are great.

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    I have been implementing many of the elements of the Brain Warrior's Way (no (artificial) sugar, healthy fats, limit grains, no alcohol, no coffee, least 8 hours of sleep every night, hydrating throughout the day, etc) into my daily lifestyle for the past half year and I have noticed a tangible difference in my life! I am very excited about the positive effects of this new healthy lifestyle! THANK YOU Tana and Dr. Daniel Amen! I am a Brain Warrior!!!

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    Love this podcast as well as the book and cookbook! Dr. Amen and Tana give amazing tips that are easy to immediately implement and help you start becoming a brain warrior. They focus on total health and wellness. Thank you for all you do!!

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    I recently discovered Tana via Facebook as a friend of mine follows her. This is my first podcast and having raised Millenial children it really hit home. So many of us Baby Boomers have given in excess to our children treating them as friends and not children who must endure consequences of their actions. Not only does this podcast address children but adults as well and having known some of them I found listening to this will help me address those issues in my careeer which involves working with my clients. Thank you for offering this and I am going to hit the subscribe button!!! Best, Debra Rankin

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    Dr Amen and Tana's podcast is a breath of fresh air. The interviews are always informative, entertaining and not the usual boring mental health practitioners that love to hear themselves talk. They recognize that there's a link between brain health aerobic excercise and diet, They aren't against medication, but they present you with the info and allow you to decide for yourself. If you're willing to work for your mental health by way of diet and excercise, then this podcst is a step in the right direction!

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    I listen to this podcast on my way to work everyday. Over the last several years I have studied the brain as part of my practice in helping others heal thier own relationships through making changes in the brain. Eventhough I read, study, and teach about the brain, I still learn a lot from these podcasts that I weave into my practice. Excellent delivery in short enough snippets to keep my attention while I learn. They speak in language that is easy to understand and easy for me to transfer to my clients. I would love to go to an Amen Clinic and have a SPECT image done on my brain to better understand myself. I'm currenlty saving up to be a brain health coach and use it as part of my pratice. Thank you, Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen for what you do.

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  • EJLedford
    by EJLedford from United States


  • 3 steps to defeat negative thoughts
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    What a marvelous idea to stop negative thoughts,my biggest issue.I will put this plan to work.i will have to buy lots of paper & ink though.clyde glenn

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    Love your down to earth approach mixing Eastern medicine with Western technology! I am a 38yr young Male Mineworker/Surfer from Australia and have struggled with Anxiety created neck spasms for over 20yrs, tried therapy and medication which has helped to some degree but there is this deep down neorological feeling something is up with my wirirng. I have taken onboard your simple natural supplements and feeling better already and with this PodCast I will continue my goal to save to pay for a full scan session hopefuly early in 2017. I am so glad Dr Daniel decided after saving your Nephew's life to continue on helping us regardless of the outside NOISE of close minded critics. Kind regards, Shane Adams Down Under

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    That's amazing what the brain can do with simple strategies. With a simple smile and grace or a simple scent lots of good chemical reactions starts taking place in the brain and changing your whole body in a good way.

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    The Amens are an amazing team. I have followed them for many years, way back when I found Tana Amens book "The Brain Doctors Wife cookbook." I think I just stood in Barnes and Nobles for an hour just looking through it. Then I began following Dr. Amen and reading his work. They are both amazing and this podcast is amazing! Thank you both for giving us so much helpful information to make our lives better. God Bless!

  • SusieBlu
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    As a scientist and health-conscious person who does not believe drugs are always the answer, I appreciate the science behind the work done by the Amen Clinics and their willingness to share it with everyone on a level that is easy to understand and implement.

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