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How To Become Limitless Right Now, with Jim Kwik

In the final episode of a series with Jim Kwik, he and the Amens discuss some of the biggest tips from Jim’s new book “Limitless”. Jim discusses a surprising reason your memory is bad, why knowledge isn’t really power, and how the 3 S’s will give you what you need to accomplish any goal.

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Jim Kwik’s Formula For Sustained Motivation, with Jim Kwik

In Jim Kwik’s new book ‘Limitless’ he details his model to unlock new potential. But it’s not just about the methods, because Jim knows you need the motivation to follow through on your intentions. In the third episode of a series with Jim, he and the Amens discuss the formula that leads to limitless motivation.

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The 5 Things To Focus On While In A Quarantine Cocoon, with Jim Kwik

An interesting side effect of the coronavirus quarantine is that people are ‘cocooning’, preparing themselves to come out stronger, smarter, and better when this is all over. How can you maximize this process? In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen are again joined by Jim Kwik, who gives you the…

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How The 4 Digital Supervillains Steal Your Powers, with Jim Kwik

Technology has fundamentally changed our society in a way that makes things easier and more attainable, but with the good comes the bad. In this episode, the Amens are joined by ‘Limitless’ author Jim Kwik, who discusses how to be aware and vigilant of the negative effects of technology so you can defeat the 4…

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How To Feel Comfortable With Uncertainty, with Dr. Caroline Leaf

Even without a global pandemic, the world is filled with uncertainties. The inability to properly deal with these uncertainties is one of the primary causes of trauma. In this episode, the Amens are once again joined by Dr. Caroline Leaf for a discussion of how thoughts, memories, and emotions interconnect to prepare you for whatever…

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How To Use Intention To Rewire Your Brain, with Dr. Caroline Leaf

Brain health issues have been skyrocketing during the pandemic, so it’s more important than ever that people take control to keep themselves safe. In this first episode of a series with “Switch on Your Brain” author Dr. Caroline Leaf, she and the Amens discuss how neuroplasticity allows you to make changes to way you feel…

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