ADD Ring of Fire Anxiety – What Supplements Can Help Calm & Focus The Brain

Dr Daniel Amen and Tana Amen BSN RN On The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast

This episode is a continuation of our four part Healing ADD coaching call where we’ve answered a wide variety of questions on ADD.

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Donny Osmond: Hi, I'm Donny Osmond and welcome to the brain warrior's way hosted by my friends Daniel Antenna. Amen. Now in this podcast, you're going to learn that the war for your health is one between your ears. That's right. If you're ready to be sharper and have better memory, mood, energy, and focus within, stay with us. Here are Daniel and Tana. Amen.
Tana Amen: okay. My 17 year old son with anxiety add ring a fire, anxiety type school. Gaba helps anxiety but attention support and five HTP is not helping concentration. Is there a better combo to try? I really want to stick with the supplements, but he's frustrated and wants to try meds. We did try Adderall last summer, but it made his anxiety worse. Is there a prescription that would help if we need to go? I think you need to go after this one. That's not my expertise. Anxious add. It's totally your ex. No, no, no. I'm saying the combination medicines for a ring of fire. I know that there's a specific way to do this. And I am very good at knowing what I'm good at and what I'm
Dr Daniel Amen: no. So clinically when I see a ring of fire and anxiety, I think of raising, yeah, bar and five HTP and they'll tyrasine at the same time. So I think it's usually due to lower levels of Gaba, Serotonin, [inaudible]. And so I might think of neurolink one of our products actually developed it for this reason. And you, you know, and I, I never well advertise any of the supplements for medical conditions because of FTC constraints. So let me just say that, but let me tell you what I would do clinically and what I do clinically in my office. If I have the ring of fire with an anxious kid, I'll use neurolink try that for a couple of months and then I might add focus and energy or a little bit of Adderall or Ritalin to it after I've calmed things down. So the dose for neurolink is usually four twice a day. And, but you have to do it for a bit. That helps settle things down, can help with focus. And if the focus is not enough, I'll add a little bit of focus and energy or I'll add a little bit of Ritalin or a little bit of Adderall to be helpful.
Tana Amen: What do you think of intense exercise for those kids?
Dr Daniel Amen: I think exercise is just good for everything. You know, the other thing with with ring of fire and sometimes I think of allergies with ring of fire. Some of our best testimonials come from putting people on elimination diets, which is why and healing add at home in 30 days, don't you? And I talked for four videos on diet and that elimination diet, which quite honestly I think that's the way you should live. I've just, I you should eliminate things that could hurt you and eat things that help you. So you want to not had for breakfast this morning. So I had an avocado with garlic salt cause I like that. And I had a whole big group of fresh cut veggies. So Broccoli and bell peppers, salary and so on. But there's not any protein in that. So I had half a chicken breast and I just took it with me on the way to work and dinner foods for breakfast is just how we are in our house.
Dr Daniel Amen: So but that's an elimination diet and I don't feel [inaudible] deprived like for two seconds or or you could have a shake with protein powder, water, blueberries, some greenstone. So it's interesting because Chloe our 12 year old, so I have great recipes cause I don't want her to feel like she's being deprived cause we've changed the way we eat radically in our house over the last decade. So it's like I have recipes for pancakes that are not real pink. I mean they don't have flour in them. I've got recipes for so many cool things and she won't eat that because in her mind she still feels like even the blended strawberries which are strawberry, it's just, that's all they are as London. Strawberries for the sauce. She won't eat it because I the first of all, I think I gave birth to an Eskimo cause the kid wants Ra fish all the time.
Dr Daniel Amen: But she, she can't in her mind eat carbs for breakfast for school. And that is, that actually didn't come from us. She figured out that she gets, she starts to feel hungry and shaky and she can't focus. And I'm like, you need to come talk at one of our, you know, one of our events. But I keep trying to tell people, don't give your kids carbs for breakfast. Do you need to give them protein? She eats salmon and Avocados for breakfast. She eats eggs, she's Avocados with eggs. I mean that's her breakfast. That's what she eats. So for whenever I see the ring of fire, it's one of the first things I think of is putting people on an elimination diet. And the reason for it is I think the ring of fire, there's just a lot of activity and the brand name, it could be inflammation [inaudible] and that can come from an allergic response to things your body doesn't like.
Dr Daniel Amen: If it doesn't get better, I recommend checking for things like lime and just knowing what else might be going on or no, I do. Okay. Absolutely do. I just heard fact that little boy who had the panda syndrome also had the line. So I thought I heard so. Alright, question number four from Elaine. When asked if I am organized, I never know how to answer. Working in an office or hosting a charity event. Every detail is organized and run smoothly at home. I will organize myself into chaos and not remember where I put something. I am forgetful and messy. I feel your sister, I remember her by seeing. And so things are all over the place. So I asked You am I organized or not? Depends on. And so if it's important to you, I mean it's such a add thing
Tana Amen: that people have add are focused and organized when they have great desire to be focused and organized. And if it doesn't really make that much difference to them or there's just not the love and the drive. So when you are at a charity event, somebody watching you passion and you love, yeah, that and love is a drug. And this woman never met a cabinet door. She actually wanted to close, don't care. I'm actually core a rapper that you wanted to throw away. So I posted, I have to, I have to cause the lane. I can feel Elaine's pain. And here's what Elaine, you know, here's the thing, I'm actually quite happy with where I'm at in life. I've written eight books in seven years. Okay, that's pretty amazing. I'm an I, you know, neurosurgical ICU nurse. I graduated top of my class and I started looking back and I'm like, why can't I organize my closet?
Tana Amen: And then I realized something because I don't really care about it. Because if I were focused on that, I wouldn't be focusing on all these other things. I wouldn't be doing them well. Right. So I don't care that much. So I've posted a picture of my closet on Facebook. I'm like, and I really, I tried to connect with people, you know, it's like, that doesn't make me wrong. It doesn't make me worse than anybody else. It means I'm highly focused in these areas that matter to me. Being a mom, I'm dead serious about everything else will come second. You know, when I, my community on Facebook, my, all the things I do, my speaking, I can rock my mission. I really don't care about my closet. So it really just matters. You know, what is important to you? If you're married to somebody who does care?
Tana Amen: Yeah, then it's a problem. It's important to have a discussion. But when I fell in love with it, I'm very lucky. I knew she was not organized and I could make a big deal out of it at the expense of my relationship. Right. And it's, it's just not that big a deal. No, I'm not gonna say I'm not irritated. I'll look at it and go, how come you can't see the rapport on the counter where he jokes with that? He jokes around. But you know, I want to protect my relationship. And so, you know, I, I think, you know, okay, she can put that away, but, but if she wasn't here and I didn't have to deal with the rapper, I would be very sad. And so, you know, you like, you're always weighing things in really lucky in that. And I will say this, so I know that I'm really good at what I'm good at.
Tana Amen: So I don't use it as an excuse. I'm good at, I love like you love your charities. I love working with people. I love speaking. I love doing my charity. You know what I do with churches and the salvation army and writing books. Not many people have written eight books in seven years. So that is what I'm good at and I can make money doing that and I can hire someone to pick up my mess. So you know, not everybody can. I know that. I'm just saying I've focused my energy on the things I'm good at and not, I don't spend my time focusing and threading over the things I know I don't really care about and I'm not that good at. I just, I just don't. I refuse.
Dr Daniel Amen: But if you're having challenges and it's affecting your relationship, one, get your partner to watch the healing, add videos or healing. Add the PBS special Tana and I did. That's part of this course. And sometimes hiring a professional organizer can be really helpful. And then, but don't just hire them once, hire them for like a year and you know every month just come over and help you
Tana Amen: until it becomes more natural. Before you were in my life. I actually just had an intern, like a kid that came and just help me out with that because I figured that out a long time ago. So my point was not just on your strengths, not on your weaknesses. My whole point with that was not like, oh I have money. It was, I'm not, I'm sorry. Is it because I'm excited. I'm super excited. My point with this was tap into your passion. Tap into what you're really good at. That was what I was trying to get at.
Dr Daniel Amen: Yeah. Let's do the next one. [inaudible] do you want to do it? Actually love this and want to
Tana Amen: use it as a testimonial. So go ahead and write. Okay, so it's anonymous. I personally have been doing the healing add course online and I've seen a huge improvement in so many ways in my life. So thank you so much. I am now being led for saying that. Thank you. I'm now being led to help my sister on the questionnaire, the second ring of fire, temporal lobe, limbic, anxious, and over focused. She had on the questionnaire she scored ring of fire, temporal lobe, limbic, anxious, and over focused. She has huge stress on her shoulders. She also is recovering from having an eating disorder and not changing food. Oh, and changing food is not an option at this stage. I thought I would try introducing supplements in what I hoped was the correct order. After doing my research through your resources, it started well. I had her on Omega threes immediately. She noticed that she felt much calmer. Then I started her on Gaba and five HTP. This is where things got complicated. At the same time, she started the five HTP. She started a homie apathic homie off homeopathic remedy called
Dr Daniel Amen: Molybdenum
Tana Amen: okay for her Urticaria, burning feeling under the skin. She had developed a severe burning pain. I really wanted to find some supplements that help her. She is suffering greatly from her. Many add symptoms, low energy, depression like symptoms, cyclical Newton, moodiness and worst is going to happen. Attitude, irritability, impulsivity, exhaustion. After periods of emotion and anger, you want to tackle that or do you want me to, wow, there's a lot there. So did you start things to add? Calling on with your sister
Dr Daniel Amen: is really common and as we've talked about, Tana has more than one type [inaudible] common to have more than one type and when it is ring of fire, temporal lobe, limbic, anxious and over focused, wet, wet. I imagined that I would see in her brain because her brain is just lit up and we often see that pattern in people who have serious stress in sometimes even post traumatic stress disorder. And a lot of people use marijuana, alcohol, things to settle their brains down. We're not a fan, but we understand why. And for all these types combined, I would just focus on working on the ring of fire [inaudible] because with the ring of fire type, everything's up increased and you're going to have symptoms of being sad. You can have symptoms of being anxious, you can have symptoms of having trouble focused being over over focus. So I actually like the plan.
Dr Daniel Amen: So I like raising Serotonin, raising Gaba and raising El tyrosene. So just talk about, you know, some supplements for a bit. Theon name is actually really great from green tea because what it does is it helps you focus and relaxes you. I have a fun story. Did I tell you the Brendan Story? Yeah. So a friend of ours, Brendan Bouchard, who's a fairly famous teacher who's a friend of ours, he went to see Oprah and he was feeling really anxious cause he was trying to get to do online courses for Oprah. So it's like a big deal. And he was feeling really anxious and he's like, I need some banning. And in his bag he had one of our products called brain boost on the go, which is when I created actually. So I would drink water and also give me something, helped me focus in, calm me down.
Dr Daniel Amen: And he had one and so he put it in some water and drank it and all of a sudden he felt really calm but really clear that with Oprah he was really happy, she was really happy. And now he has an online course. It's your best self, something like that. And he was like really thrilled. So we love natural ways to heal the brain. But if you are sister is really suffering and it's complicated. She has a lot of stress in a lot of emotions. So think about getting her to one of the clinics. Also think about if you can't get to one of the clinics and everybody on this call, if you can't get to one of the clinics, I have a phone appointment with one of the docs, you know half an hour is $200 an hour, $400 and that'd be money really well spam pretty. We're actually going to have coaches that you can talk to online or program. We're going to launch February 6th date, so we'll send out a notice to our fans and family and so on. So that would be another thing. So to actually go brew because on calls like that, Tim's, we don't know you and we haven't evaluated, we can't say you should take best, but
Tana Amen: you know one of our team members who actually hears your personal story
Dr Daniel Amen: could say he or something to think about it now on over the phone, they won't prescribe you medication and I'll never let them cause you have to have a face to face contact. That's the law. That's good medical practice. But at least you could get some high level thoughts.
Tana Amen: So I just, and I know we have a lot of questions that we want to be able to get to but reminds me, so getting a little bit personal, but when I met you coming from a very stressful situation but also a very stressful background, which I was really good at hiding. I thought. So I had this really good wall up and I didn't, I almost canceled my first date with Daniel when I found out he was a psychiatrist cause I did not want to be psychoanalyzed and then he didn't try to psychoanalyze me. He just scanned me and then figured it all out in like three minutes, which really and totally annoyed me. The point being, and it was really hard for me to start talking about it with people and I will say that when I did start sharing my story with my community, it's incredibly healing cause pain shared is pain divided.
Tana Amen: But when there's that stacking, okay. So I grew up with it. A lot of trauma, a lot of drama, lousy food. I was sick all the time. I mean I could go on and on head injury, I had head injury, right? Had head injury, I cancer. I mean there was so many things going on, really bad divorce. And so this stacking that occurs, okay, I had food allergies, I did not know about. Nobody bothered checking. And so these, these things that begin to stack when no one checks and they go unchecked for a long time. Pretty soon I was on nine medications and no one thinks about how that's affecting their brain. So things like eating disorders or OCD or ring of fire. And what I figured out. I mean when I got that scan, it really irritated me because I felt so naked when someone was looking at my brain.
Tana Amen: That was sort of weird, but, but it was really a relief because it's like, oh, okay, there it is. It's like there's no running, there's no hiding from that. That's real. And it was systematic for me. Soon as I see something, it's like I need to make, I need to do something with it. So it's systematic. It's like what do I do? And I just started doing some research and like systematically it was like peeling back the layers of an onion and one thing at a time. And it took a little time. It was not like overnight, but my next scan was radically different because now I realized, okay, I need to do what I can do to start sleeping. I need to do what I can do to get rid of the $3 and you do what I can do to heal the brain injury. And it was just one thing after the other. Meditation became critical. I've always used exercises, my drug, but, but I had to stop exercising so hard. So ad to start balancing things, and that's what I wanted to go away with is that stacking that your sister's going through it has an effect, but when you can start unstacking it systematically, it makes a difference. That was good.
Tana Amen: Okay.
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