Your Brain Is Always Listening Overview With Barry Goldstein


Dr Daniel and Tana Amen walkthrough the pieces on their latest collaboration album with producer Barry Goldstein. The Album is a companion piece for Dr Daniel Amen’s latest book, Your Brain Is Always Listening. Daniel Amen, MD: Welcome to the Brain Warrior’s Way podcast. I’m Dr. Daniel Amen. Tana Amen, BSN RN: And I’m Tana…

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The Problem with Herd Mentality

herd immunity

From the pandemic to the election, this past year has seen our country go wild in taking sides to fight those with different belief systems. But who exactly are these others, these faceless ‘they’ that are supposedly driven to undermine everything one stands for? The answer has to do with herd mentality, which has become…

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What Effect Does Birth Order Have on Your Mental Health?


We all know the stereotypes. Only children are spoiled. Oldest children are responsible and ambitious. Middle children crave attention and are natural people-pleasers, and youngest children are free spirits. Are any of these true? And, if so, how do they affect us as we grow? In this episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, Dr.…

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How Mommy and Daddy Issues Manifest in the Brain


When people talk about someone having mommy or daddy issues, these issues tend to be thought of as the child’s issues, but it’s important to remember that the parent is usually the one causing them. In this episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen discuss the phenomenon of ‘Parent Dragons’,…

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