Alternative Treatment

Stem Cells: Separating Fact From Fiction, with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

The conversation surrounding stem cell research and treatment can get muddled and confusing. Some say it’s a miracle cure while others say it’s not viable or practical as a treatment method. So what’s real and what’s just hype? In this episode, Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen are again joined by stem cell research scientist Dr.…

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How Do Stem Cells Repair The Body? with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Many of us have heard of stem cell therapy and are aware of its implications for human potential, but do you know how stem cell therapy actually works? In the second episode of a series with stem cell researcher Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, he and the Amens discuss the role stem cells play in human body…

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How To Improve Your Brain The Natural Way

Psychiatrists often jump straight to meds as a first-line defense against brain health issues. However, Dr. Daniel Amen believes that while medication can be effective for many people, there are safer, more natural methods that should be explored first. In this episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, Daniel and Tana Amen share another segment…

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Here’s How Lyme Disease Can Damage Your Brain

In continuation of our coverage of The End of Mental Illness Live Class from January, this episode of the podcast features more content on how to prevent or treat the 11 major risk factors that steal your mind. Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen discuss the phenomenon of “mindstorms” and how they pushed a sweet…

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You Can Reset Your Brain’s Rhythm – Here’s How, with Mary Schlesinger

When the neurons in your brain fire out of sync while processing stimuli, it can have a major negative effect in your coordination and cognitive ability. Fortunately, thanks to an innovative therapy technique, you can condition your brain into a more coherent rhythm. In the second episode of a series with interactive metronome expert Mary…

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Heal Yourself From The Inside Out, with Dr. Martin Katz

When it comes to the healthcare system in this country, Dr. Martin Katz recalls an interesting analogy, “When people are sick, it’s like an overflowing sink, and people keep looking for ways to mop the water up, rather than finding a way to unplug the sink.” In this final episode of a 4-part series with…

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