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Try This Technique to Radically Transform the Way You Think


It’s spring cleaning week at The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, and Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen are here to help you clean not only your environment, but your mind and your life, too. In this episode, the Amens introduce a powerful technique that’s an absolute game-changer in terms of how you think about yourself. It’s…

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Does Your Kitchen Need Spring Cleaning?

spring cleaning

When springtime hits and we begin our annual ritual of spring cleaning our homes, it’s important that we don’t neglect one of the most important rooms in it: the kitchen. In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen discuss how to go about doing a full spring clean of your kitchen,…

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Spring Into Better Mental Health Today

spring cleaning

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the urge to clean and reorganize our environments for the coming year. But it’s not just your bedroom or your closet that benefits from a spring cleaning. Cleaning your mind can be one of the most beneficial ways to set yourself up for success and happiness…

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Try this Technique to Stop Toxic Thinking, with Dr. Caroline Leaf

toxic thoughts

Toxic patterns of thinking can damage more than just your emotional health. It can also affect the physical functioning of brain and even cause inflammation in the body! In this third episode of a series with ‘Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess’ author Dr. Caroline Leaf, she and the Amens take an in-depth look at her…

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5 Steps to Managing a Messy Mind, with Dr. Caroline Leaf


When it comes to the subject of mental health, too much of the discussion is based on the fear factors associated with brain disease and destructive conditions. This negative bias led Dr. Caroline Leaf to write her new book ‘Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess’, which helps people to understand and train their minds without all…

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How to Move on from Things (and People!) that Aren’t Working Out


In this final episode based on the concept of dragons, as outlined in Dr. Amen’s new book ‘Your Brain is Always Listening’, Dr. Amen and Tana discuss how other peoples’ dragons can also breathe fire on your life. Recognizing when something or someone is a hurtful rather than encouraging influence on your life can bring…

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The Problem with Herd Mentality

herd immunity

From the pandemic to the election, this past year has seen our country go wild in taking sides to fight those with different belief systems. But who exactly are these others, these faceless ‘they’ that are supposedly driven to undermine everything one stands for? The answer has to do with herd mentality, which has become…

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Internet Trolls: How to Deal with Negativity


A disturbing phenomenon that has emerged over the past several years has been the rise of ‘internet trolls’, people who regularly engage in harassment and other types of negative activity online. In this episode of the podcast, the Amens take an in-depth look at these trolls and examine how and why they engage in hurtful…

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